Gears of War 4: We Played It 2h30, Here’s What We Thought!

Back in April, we were already telling you what the Game Beta could do for you. Today, we were able, during a press event, to test Gears of War 4 in its full version, i.e. as it will be released on October 11th on Xbox One and Windows 10.

The graphics are of better quality than on this excerpt!

Disable auto play

A Gears of War pure and hard!

A pure Gears of War 3 to be precise! But the form is there, you go straight ahead, you unzip everything that moves and you forget to cover yourself to avoid your opponent’s balls. Where the game bluffed me was in the graphics. Although the game has been tested on Xbox One S, there has been a real change from the Beta version. Unfortunately, the risk is that the graphic beauty can only be seen on One S with a large screen. You won’t see these changes with a different configuration.

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We are only interested in the single-player campaign of the game with the prologue and the first mission which consists in recovering a Transformator in a CGU base! During these 2h30 of play, we were able to see several things. First of all, the aiming system is rather difficult to handle. The aim is very sensitive, despite the different settings, and you will quickly notice that, by barely moving the joystick, it will fly over or next to your enemies.

A half-tinted AI

As much as your teammates can be quite useful in some places, sometimes they are absolutely not. As for the enemy AI, it’s not dangerous, far from it! If you are good enough at moving from cover to cover, simply wait for your enemies to move towards you, take Destructor, a very large shotgun, and advance. In all honesty, we took the normal difficulty and a novice should be able to get away with it, there is a slight lack of challenge.

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But for a license that’s 10 years old, that’s based on the same gameplay for a long time you’re not bored, and that’s the good news. We find ourselves with a new story, new characters, but linked to the old ones (Fenix’s son) and yet we still keep the same pleasure in cutting up his enemy. For all fans of the cover-TPS series, I recommend it! If you’ve never played it before, but you’re not sure, take it, for starters it’s perfect. Gunfights happen one after the other, but they’re too predictable. The rhythm remains fairly well managed, because the game sometimes knows how to calm us down. We find that frightening atmosphere where, in the corridors of a hospital, we will expect our enemies to land.

A story that creates something

We are not light years away from destroying everything in your path, but the story has food for thought, which is commendable. 25 years after the events of the third opus, Locustes et Lambients are no more, and everyone lives in peace. The problem lies in Sera’s climatic conditions, which were not designed for a planet populated by humans, and whose population is no longer very large…

Gears of war 4 2h30

The UGC is now governed by a woman named Jinn, who is implementing a resettlement policy. To sum up, you’re a woman, make kids. It completely sanitizes the citizens by cutting them off from all construction, leaving it to the automatons, and our protagonists do not want to have anything to do with this UGC and decide to live in camps, outside of all this policy. Gears of War 4 is not revolutionary, it doesn’t bring anything really new to the license in the background, but it is still very pleasant to play.

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