Gathering: Samsung and Its Odrs on Smartphones and Tablets


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How can we imagine that this gentleman could have a different answer than the one he gave…


For my part, I have just received on my account the 15% of 1000 euros that I paid for the purchase of 1 Samsung 40ES 7000 screen 10 weeks ago at the fnac who also offered me 100 euros in vouchers because I have the fnac card …

a 5 star TV (well deserved) for 750 euros. it was the deal of the year.

I took care to send my complete file by registered mail.


Having bought a Samsung laptop with ODR, I had no problem. I respected everything that had to be done and I was reimbursed several (long
) weeks later. Same for a phone at Siemens.


As far as I am concerned,

Galaxy Note 1: 70€ refunded in time

GALAXY NOTE 2: 50€ refunded in time

-Blue Ray Home Cinema HT-E5200 player: 15% of the amount refunded very quickly

Galaxy Note 10.1: 50€ still being processed one month maximum waiting period

on the other hand I was swollen by NRJmobile with the same type of refund for their package … in short now without commitment we no longer have this kind of problem.


I have already used 3 ODR Saumsung for an S2, a TV and a laptop.

Regarding the TV, it is true that it took a long time more than the 8 weeks, but I was reimbursed in the 3 cases


On my side, I bought 2 galaxy S2 (one for my wife and one for me) both eligible to an ODR SAMSUNG.

I took care to carefully fill in the 2 files relating to the RDAs and taking care to keep a copy of each element, proof of my good faith “just in case”.

My wife has been reimbursed as agreed.

As for me, I received a mail about the missing barcode of my smartphone
I called to explain that I had all the proof that the bar code was in the file, I was told that I was trying to defraud…

I sent copies of supporting documents, and even photos of the file and the requested items (with the bar code clearly visible on the top of the file). I had done well to smell the trick and to shield myself before sending the file…

Answer after new phone call : “Someone in our company may have stolen your barcode to get the refund… but in any case once an incomplete file has been refused it’s too late”.

So now, ODRs, it makes me laugh… Having had the same misadventure with HP for a computer a few weeks before
: crazy:


it might be better at wiko after all (?)
;=) ;=) ;=)


I applied for an ODR on a Sammy laptop for my mom, and I got more or less the same story.


I’m waiting for a Sony ODR but virgin almost did it backwards. I pre-ordered a Xperia z. My invoice date was that of the pre-order, i.e. more than 15 days before the actual reception of the phone.

of course one of the conditions of the refund was the sending of the file with barcode max 15 days after the date of invoice. So out of time automatically!

At first the SC virgin didn’t want to hear anything because “it’s my fault I would have ordered later”.

Ridiculous especially that it is the date of sending which should have been put (if only for the guarantee, I lose 15 days!).

After a spicy letter, and an apology reminder, if my odr doesn’t pass, it’s virgin who pays back directly!

all that to say that one should always be wary!


It’s scary though… you wonder if there’s one to catch up with.

Are these mistakes on the margin or not?

How many people will be surveyed in the future (?)


A very interesting article on this subject


precisely in relation to these famous internal thefts of some dishonest people, what I do, the bar code in addition to sticking it on the printed sheet of file I tape it with a transparent tape (of course), I staple all other documents requested (R.I.B etc. …) and the same, photos and copy of what I send by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt!


The ODR scramble is frequently discussed, but the topics disappear in the meanders of the forum…


I had stapled everything that was allowed to be stapled. However, it was clearly written that the bar code was not to be glued or stapled to the file, so it was the only piece held by a simple paper clip on the file.

It’s obvious that no one at home has stolen my barcode to take advantage of my refund (too big a risk for not much), it just “fell” out of my file so that I wouldn’t benefit from it. Repeating this step for 1,000 files saves the company a lot of money, that’s the real reason.


And it’s the only way for the company to earn money… These companies don’t earn commission on sales. They sell an ODR package to the builder, and they’re the ones who pay it back. As a result, if too many people are reimbursed, they are at a loss.


I like the refund offer system, but it’s the procedure that’s completely flawed. We’d have to rethink this whole thing


Then “everyone” knows that the posted prices of Samsung products are overpriced by nearly 12%! In order to stick to a massive offer of ODR marketing,

it gives the illusion of paying less while we pay the normal price of the real value …

At worst those who do not take advantage of Samsung ODRs, do not pay the normal price but actually 12% more (in euro €) …

Simple and effective for intensive fishing customer


Good evening, sir,

Today I gave in to the temptation of the ODR on the Ace II galaxy.

But I already regret it for two reasons:

  • Unable to register on the Samsung website to register the product, moreover this phone does not even exist in the drop-down menu.
  • and the link to print the entry form is missing …

I really don’t understand what this is all about … it’s a market leader in TVs and smartphones and they take people for fools.

I’m not sure whether to return my phone and change brands or to file a complaint with the CCRRB.

If someone is in the same case for this ODR let’s keep in touch, in addition bundled actions are allowed in France recently.


Yet another way to prevent consumers from getting their money back the links to online entries on Samsung’s site all return an HTTP500 error.

For example (and this is not the only one), on this page for the Galaxy Tab 2 tablet if you click on “by clicking here”:

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