Gathering Arena Announces Big Draft Change

Magic: There will be big changes in the Gathering Arena this week. Ichoria: The monster’s lair, the final magic: Extension of the rally, which will take place on the 16th. Early April. The new game will undoubtedly change the competitive meta game, but it is not the only serious change that will take place in the MTG Arena. The digital edition of the popular card game for merchants will be published in the update on the 16th. Avril also updates the compilation options. MTG Arena will introduce a draw system that allows players to play with seven other players at a virtual table. This restores the design competition experience that Magic players have known and loved for a long time.

Introducing a new project means making some changes to existing projects and a completely new development experience. The current traditional project experience will be updated. Traditional design is MTG Arena’s best experience in designing three projects. The players felt that the experience with the traditional design took too long. As of this week’s update, the traditional project applies to up to three of the best of the three races. In addition, players will train against other players instead of fighting robots. This mode is not evaluated.

The Rating Draft is renamed Quick Draft. Otherwise it remains unchanged. Players can switch to this mode to train against the robots and then plan in the best of the best environments. The reason for the name change is that this mode is no longer the only way to generate a rating.

Enter the first design project. This is a new design mode that mimics the personal drawing experience and is intended for the most dedicated competing artists. Players move on stage together with other players and then compete online until they achieve 7 victories or 3 losses. The entrance fee is 15,000 gold or 10,000 gems, that sounds cool, but the reward is worth it.

MTG Arena Executive Producer Chris Cao told the press on the phone that the team wants the Premier Drafts to be a high profile event. But players who are good at this game can continue endlessly with 5 victories and win 16,000 gold. Already 4 victories bring the player 14,000 gold, 100 gold, which is a record that will not happen again.

This is a step towards a more meaningful restricted game via the MTG Arena. We take a limited number, and this player will bring his experience to our professional scene and online games, explains Cao, noting that Arena is more than just a magical video game, but a digital magic of the face.

Cao and his team serve a wide and diverse audience, from casual and casual players to dedicated players and professionals. There are all kinds of magical players in the arena, Cao said. We have an incredibly broad spectrum. Three different experiences in project development should benefit them all. Premier Drafts is a larger, livelier and more limited experience, based on data, research and events, and designed for the most dedicated supporters of a limited number of people.

The MTG Arena is increasingly becoming part of global magic: The experience of the Gathering Community. Due to an ongoing coronavirus pandemic that prevents players from accessing local shops, MTG Arena has started to allow shops to hold tournaments in the arena and has even stopped the Discord chains to make players feel like they are back in the shops. Cao says that he and his team have invested both as actors and businessmen to help the company overcome this crisis.

As for the next step, Cao’s team is now in the process of completing the reconstruction of the Classic Magic Arena. It will then focus on community features and types of games that are only possible on a digital platform. The dice project will start later this year, and a more informal, limited experiment is currently under consideration. Other historical anthologies are in preparation, as well as leading restorers. In addition, the Amonhet set, which was removed from the arena with the official beta entry, will return later in 2020.

The game also provides for an expansion. Work is continuing on the Mac version of MTG Arena, where they are testing the first mobile versions of the game. They also challenge players to introduce new high stakes modes into the arena and perhaps even create a prize pool.

This is how Cao summarizes the objectives of his team: We want to be part of the great magic.

Ichoria: The cave of the monster and the main update of the drawing comes from Magic : The collector’s arena on Thursday the 16th. April. Here is a brief description of the operation of the first experimental project:

Buy in

(Photo: Coastal wizard)

If you play First Drafts, you get 15,000 gold or 10,000 gems. The price is high, but that’s because the competition and the rewards are also high.

In this mode you can work endlessly. Five victories yield 16,000 gold, which is enough for a new purchase. Four victories, 14,000 gold.

First sketch line

(Photo: Küstenmeister)

To play in Draft, you need other players. This means you have to wait for other players to show up and fill the table.

In reply to Mr Cao’s question, he said that – by using a multi-Q system – the waiting time in the arena for the Prime Minister’s projects should be two to five minutes on average. During rush hour he expects to see less.

Take a seat at table.

(Photo: Coastguard Captain)

Unlike the Quick Draft with the bots, who you play with and where they sit, it matters. Let’s see how the position of the platoon is displayed in the project arena.

This is where the competition is fuelled. Warning is now an important tactic to understand if you want the design to succeed.

Selection 1, packaging 1

(Photo: Coastal master)

Let’s look at the plans. At the moment the layout is not very far from the way the drawing works, but there are some important additions at the top of the screen.

In the top center you can see your name and choose your own room. You can also see who is sitting to your left and right and how many packages they still have to open.

Time measurement

(Photo: Coastal master)

Of course, with the numerical setup of a player, there is a risk that a player will block the whole thing. Cao said they have a timetable for that.

The timer starts at 75 seconds for an early selection when most maps are available and the most difficult decisions have to be made. Because the choice is reduced to a concept, the timer is reduced to 30 seconds.


After a draw in an eight-player pod, you can put your draw together. You don’t play against the people you play the concept with, but Cao believes that the player’s experience with the concept and the card game you’ve built up through the concept is a limited game that players prefer to play.

The competitions in which they are played correspond to local tournaments or the Grand Prix. You can play up to 7 wins or 3 losses.

or more!

When you’re done, you reap the rewards. You can also export your design game to play an instant challenge game against your friends.

Other innovation projects are underway, including the implementation of a cube project. Cao also says to know that some tournament players like to design pods for training with friends. Even if it’s impossible now, the team knows and thinks about it.

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