GAMEVIL, Com2uS & MLB Launch OOTP 22, Reveal Major Updates to Mobile Lineup

preparation for the upcoming opening day GAMEVIL and Com2uS have announced a series of new mobile games licensed from MLB and MLB Players, Inc. Two new releases are Out of the Park Baseball 22 and Out of the Park Baseball GO.

Out of the Park Baseball 22 or OOTP 22 is a great baseball strategy game available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux for $139.99, while Out of the Park Baseball GO or OOTP GO is a new mobile version of the fan-favorite game coming out later this season for fans who want to hit the road with their team. In addition to the new releases, there are new extended season updates for GAMEVIL and Com2uS Live recordings, including:

  • MLB 9 innings 21
  • MLB 9-sleeve GM 2021
  • MLB Perfect Inning 2021

The updates bring new players and updated rosters, as well as many new and improved features that give players more opportunities to play and compete. Richard Grisham, director of business development at GAMEVIL and Com2uS:

At GAMEVIL and Com2uS, our goal each year is to create an exciting and inclusive baseball series that all types of fans and baseball players can enjoy. With the support of our partners at MLB and MLB Players, Inc. we were able to incorporate the special nuances that make baseball such a fun and exciting sport. Our players can bring that fantasy baseball management to life from the bench or on the mound to throw a ball in a truly authentic and fun way that you won’t find anywhere else.

Evan Kaplan, executive director of MLB Players, Inc. also commented:

Video games offer fans a powerful way to connect with their favorite teams and players and, more importantly, with other fans to celebrate baseball culture. We’re excited to kick off the 2021 season with the launch of Out of the Park Baseball 22, a staple of baseball culture, as well as the GAMEVIL and Com2uS MLB Mobile series, so fans can take the game with them anywhere.

The official Press Release contains detailed information about the new games and updates:

  • Out of the Park Baseball 22 (OOTP 22) – available starting today on Steam or directly from OOTP for PC, Mac and Linux – is an evolution of the award-winning baseball strategy game Park Development and puts players on the sidelines to lead their favorite teams and build a baseball dynasty for the ages. In its 22nd year, OOTP 22 is baseball’s most authentic and hands-on management experience. Players can control every aspect of their MLB organization, from scouting, drafting, trading and free agency to managing finances, personnel movements and team season and day strategies. Players can follow their leagues at a high level and play entire seasons in a matter of minutes, or play each match in an immersive 3D mode, taking turns controlling the game or even playing on the field.
  • MLB 9 Innings 21 – Update now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play – Players step into the shoes of their favorite MLB stars to become the best players in the league. To reach the top, players can compete in exciting 3-inning real-time matches, conquer League mode to dominate the World Series find the best players through dynamic ranked battles and compete fiercely with other MLB 9 innings players from around the world in Clutch Hit mode. MLB 9 Innings 21 offers players improved graphics for a realistic stadium environment, as well as new competitive PvP modes where players can test their baseball, catching and slide skills and put their teams to the test.
  • MLB 9 innings GM 2021 – The update has been available since the 30th. March available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play Players take on the role of a general baseball manager via their smartphone and create and manage their own teams to create a personal story in championship mode, with the ultimate goal of becoming a World Series champion. Players can also participate in a tournament or club mode to demonstrate their management skills in real time or share their secrets of success. From recruitment, trading, scouting and player development, the players have complete control over building a decent team. MLB 9 Innings GM 2021 includes updated MLB 2021 rosters and statistics with over 200 top players, from Rookie of the Year to MVP, and a new Ultimate Player type. Players who pre-register for MLB 9 Innings GM 2021 will receive bonus rewards at launch.
  • MLB Perfect Inning 2021 – Updated at 30. March in the Apple App Store and Google Play – In this arcade-style simulator, players master all aspects of the MLB game, from pitching to hitting from the batter’s box. Players build their own team with their favorite MLB pros by competing in various game modes, including Season Mode, home run Derby, Live Action Turn-Based Mode, or Club Battle Mode. The season-long MLB Perfect Inning 2021 update adds a new best-of-all-time card type, plus the top 25 new players per position, as well as improvements to the player coin upgrade system, PvP mode and more. MLB Perfect Inning 2021 will host a special event with Clayton Kershaw (pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers), more details to come.

For more information, please visit the official websites of the above video games

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What happened to Destinia Gameville?

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