Games Similar to Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has created a whole new generation of mobile gamers. With the introduction of Augmented Reality and location-based gaming, expect to see more games with similar mechanics in the future.

The “games like pokemon go” is a game that has been on the market since 2016. The game was created by Niantic and it has taken the world by storm. It has had over 500 million downloads in less than 2 years. Read more in detail here: games like pokémon go 2021 .

While augmented reality games have been around for a while before Pokemon GO, it was Pokemon GO that really popularized the notion. This is why, following the success of Pokemon GO, a slew of AR games invaded the app stores, ready to cash in on the trend. The majority of these games are, to put it mildly, knockoffs, but a few of them do use Pokemon GO’s foundation in fresh and creative ways. Here are some games that are comparable to Pokemon GO that you should try.

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - Zombies, Run

Do you like going jogging on a daily basis but find the procedure tedious? So, what truly gets your blood pumping? Zombies are chomping on your heels! Your routine jogs become infested with virtual zombies chasing you down the pavement in this game. The game uses an innovative audio system to deliver sound cues that alert you when zombies are around, all while creating an absorbing audio drama about your attempts to acquire supplies for a survivor community. 

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - Ingress Prime

Ingress, the smartphone game that got Niantic started with augmented reality, pushes you to explore your area in search of enigmatic portals oozing extraterrestrial energy. To acquire energy and resources, connect portals together to establish control fields, and take control of the globe away from the enemy group, visit local landmarks (much like PokeStops). You may make friends with other players to help you capture and control all of the portals in your town. 

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - Geocaching

The only thing more exciting than a treasure hunt is one in which everyone on the planet takes part. You may use your radar to find millions of hidden boxes and trinkets all around the globe when Geocaching. These rewards come with instructions, hints, and riddles to help you find them. Geocaches, on the other hand, aren’t simply in-app rewards; they’re genuine! Real-life goods have been hidden in different locations by app users, and when you locate one, you may take anything from it, sign a log book, or leave a little gift of your own. It’s a terrific community to be a part of, and it’s a great opportunity to go out and see your area.

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - AR Dragon

The ability to engage with a charming little extra-dimensional fantasy monster is part of the attraction of Pokemon GO, and when it comes to fantasy creatures, you can’t go much better than an old fashioned dragon. AR Dragon enables you to hatch and grow your own dragon from a baby, as well as play with, care for, and dress it up in various caps. You can also use the AR camera to capture images of your dragon in real life or to shoot selfies with it. Every dragon that hatches is completely unique, thanks to the game’s built-in algorithms, and your very own flying, fire-breathing little pal. 

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - Zombies, Run

Pikmin Bloom, a more recent Nintendo and Niantic collaboration, allows users to raise their own squeaking army of Pikmin. Pick up seeds in your community and plant them in planters to produce more Pikmin, then send those Pikmin on adventures to local landmarks to return with useful goods. They’ll even photograph their travels for you! Oh, and don’t worry, you can dress them up with caps. Allowing you to place caps on items improves any AR game. It’s a proven truth.

Games Similar to Pokemon GO - The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The idea that there are monsters lurking around every corner in modern civilization is a hallmark of contemporary literature. Not attractive and commercial creatures like Pokemon, but vicious monsters. So, what would you do if you were suddenly confronted with those monsters? What you should do is pick up a sword and fight back! You can follow monsters and nocturnal creatures as they creep about the countryside (i.e. your backyard) in The Witcher: Monster Slayer and hunt them down. When you come into touch with a monster, you’ll grab a sword and fight them using the AR camera! In addition to fighting enemies, you’ll come across quest-giving NPCs, all of whom are designed in The Witcher’s signature Dark Fantasy manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there other games like Pokémon Go?

A: There are several games like Pokémon Go. Some of these are augmented reality, while others allow players to play in the real world with GPS tracking and a variety of different creatures to find and catch. Pogo is one such game that allows you to walk around your city or even country hunting for critters instead of catching them on screen as they appear. Other games include Ingress, which lets users hack portals together in order to fight off against aliens from another dimension!

Is Pokémon Go Dead 2020?

A: Pokémon Go is not dead. It has just been released on newer gen devices such as the Switch and iOS, but it will never go back to being a phone game again.

What games should I play if I like Pokemon?

A: Due to the amount of people that have games in this genre and quality, we would suggest checking out some other genres like adventure, ARPGs and JRPGs.

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