Game of Thrones: the Exact Hardness of the Season 8 Pisodes Just Leaked Out!

Winter is coming ! Indeed, slowly but surely, the ultimate season of Game of Thrones will arrive on April 14th and the impatience of the fans is starting to be felt.

A season of 6H50 in total

Everyone is on the lookout for the slightest clue or the smallest piece of information that could tell us more about this season 8. Today, it is the exact duration of each of the six episodes that will make up the final season of the HBO program that just leaked ! We reassure you, you can continue to read this article, apart from the time code of each episode, we do not reveal any information about theircontent.

For example, the American channel had already revealed the duration of the first two episodes, but to find out the duration of the others, you just have to change the URL number on the HBO website to find out the duration of the whole season.

Therefore, with this leak, we know that the total duration of this ultimate season of Game of Thrones will be 6h50. It will be composed as follows:

– Season 8 Episode 1 – 54 minutes

– Season 8 Episode 2 – 58 minutes

– Season 8 Episode 3 – 60 minutes

– Season 8 Episode 4 – 78 minutes

– Season 8 Episode 5 – 80 minutes

– Season 8 Episode 6 – 80 minutes

As you can see, duration rises crescendo as the season progresses with the last two episodes that will close HBO’s flagship series, which will last almost the equivalent of amovie, namely 1h20. Obviously, despite this, is quite far from the usual ten hours of programming, when the seasons were composed of ten episodes.

While waiting for the broadcast of this last season that will sign the epilogue of the Kingdom of the Seven Crowns, we let you see and review the first trailer that was released last week. As a reminder, Game Of Thrones season 8 is expected on April 14th on HBO.

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