Game of Thrones, Season 8: Who Really Died?

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Several characters did not survive the events of Game of Thrones season 8. But as it is far from clear, we take stock of who has not said “Not Today” to the God of Death.

WATCH OUT! The following article contains spoilers on season 8 ofGame of Thronesand in particular on episodes 3 and 4. You’ve been warned!

Episode 3 of season 8 of Game of Thrones takes the form of a huge battle between the army of the Gentiles – led by Jon Snow and Daenerys – and the White Walkers. Taking place in Winterfell, the announced massacre did not prove fatal for all the characters.

Episode 4, for its part, prepares for the coming confrontation with the forces gathered by Cersei. If what follows promises to be a massacre, it has already claimed a handful of notable victims.

As every season, Game of Thrones gratifies the audience with a very deadly episode. During the battle quickly dispatched to King’s Landing, many perished.

There is only one death to report in the final episode of Game of Thrones , and not the least since it is the death of Daenerys.

Eddison Tollett

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Farewell Edd // Source: Capture OCS

The assumed savior of heroes is no more. Engaged in the heart of the battle, he protects Sam one last time before drawing his last breath, pierced in the back by a living dead man. He is the first to die – and certainly not the last.

Lyanna Mormont

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Farewell Lyanna // Source: Capture OCS

The writers of Game of Thrones feel no pity for the casting. And if the unconscious of cinema always tries to spare children, they don’t hesitate with Lyanna Mormont. Worse, the young leader had virtually no chance against an undead giant. However, thanks to a final reflex, she manages to plant her knife made of tarragon to take her executioner with her. Badass. She’s resuscitated a few minutes later, only to die again afterwards… Double tap.

Beric Dondarrion

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Farewell Beric // Source: Capture OCS

Beric Dondarrion has survived death many times over, protected by the Master of Light. She was gonna come knocking on his door one day. That day has come. While fighting with Sandor Clegane and Arya, of whom he becomes the short-lived bodyguard, he suffers several serious injuries in Winterfell Castle. Until he fell once and for all, protecting his allies as they fled. Too bad, we liked him.

Theon Greyjoy

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Farewell Theon // Source: Capture OCS

Officially a grandiose victim of the series, Theon Greyjoy has survived everything, including the worst torments of Ramsay Bolton. By volunteering to protect Bran from the Night King, he probably knew what to expect. After the death of his few comrades-in-arms, he rushes towards the villain with no real hope of killing him. “You’re a good man,” Bran whispers to him. A beautiful death for a character hated and adored.

The Night King

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Game of Thrones S8EP3 // Source: Capture OCS

The Night King fell for it. Jon and the others planned to lure him near Bran to trap him. Jon also thought he was the great hero, the man who would deal the fatal blow to the one we don’t know much about, the Night King Slayer that 8 seasons were preparing for us. He is robbed of the limelight by Arya, who appears out of nowhere in a cold silence and puts on his gifted assassin’s costume to make the mute villain disappear. Died of overconfidence, along with his entire army, including the undead dragon.

Jorah Mormont

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Farewell Jorah // Source: Capture OCS

Jorah Mormont leads the suicidal charge of the Dothraki Riders at the beginning of the battle. Like the others, who held on remarkably well for a minute and 33 seconds, it was thought that he had not survived this optimistic momentum. Actually, I do. He returns by the greatest of miracles to lend a helping hand to Daenerys, his great love, at the risk of his life. The Queen of the Dragons, who openly friendzoned, mourns his death. We liked him, too.

Asshaï’s Melisandre

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Farewell Melisandre // Source: Capture OCS

Having been away for several episodes, Melisandre d’Asshaï comes back at the best moment, the time to set fire to the Dothraki’s weapons (which won’t prevent their massacre) and the pit around the castle (which won’t prevent his invasion). After having made her powers speak and lavished some good words, she evaporates at dawn under the eyes of Ser Davos. If she has long deceived old age, her time is now past.


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RIP Rhaegal // Source: Capture OCS

Daenerys has only one dragon left – Drogon. Rhaegal, who had survived his face-to-face encounter with the resurrected Vizierion by the Night King, died on his way to King’s Landing. He is ambushed by Euron Greyjoy’s pirate army. In front of his mother’s eyes, he is pierced by several giant crossbow bolts until he runs aground in the sea. No more moonlight walks with Jon.


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Missandei RIP // Source: Capture OCS

But what was Daenerys’ interpreter doing on a warship bound for King’s Landing? No one knows that. In reality, his presence in the army has only one scenaristic goal: to be captured by Cersei and die before the eyes of Grey Worm and Daenerys to provoke the wrath of the Mother of Dragons. His vengeance is likely to be terrible.

Lord Varys

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RIP Varys // Source: Capture OCS

Quite discreet in season 8, Lord Varys, the eunuch who whispered in the ears of the monarchs, does not survive his last betrayal. When he learns that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, he will try to overthrow Daenerys by planning his assassination. Betrayed in turn by Tyrion, he is arrested and sentenced to death. Dracarys is the last word he will hear before being burned alive by Drogon.

Euron Greyjoy

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RIP Euron // Source: Capture OCS

Euron Greyjoy’s existence was hanging by a thread. It must be said that he did nothing to make himself loved, either by the spectators or the other characters of the series. After slaying one dragon and escaping from another, he challenges Jaime Lannister to a duel. He manages to deal two (a priori) mortal blows but is killed by his overconfidence, not without proclaiming himself Jaime Lannister’s executioner.


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RIP Qyburn // Source: Capture OCS

Hand of Cersei, Qyburn, arguably one of the most intelligent characters in Game of Thrones, dies in utter astonishment. While he orders the Mountain, his creation, not to fight his brother, the undead does not comply and gets rid of his dadby throwing him against a rock. Qyburn, or the myth of the genius killed by his abomination.

The Clegane brothers

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RIP the Clegane brothers // Source: Capture OCS

The fight between the Clegane brothers, called Cleganebowl, did take place in season 8 of Game of Thrones. Claimed by the fans, who had high hopes for the confrontation between the two characters who hate each other, it leaves no survivors. Sandor, alias the Hound, is on the verge of defeat when, in a burst of courage, he stabs his zombie brother in the head with a knife and then throws himself at him. Both end their fall into the fire.

Cersei Lannister

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Cersei RIP // Source: Capture OCS

Many had planned a different fate for Cersei Lannister, who waited until the last moment to leave her tower to face the wrath of Daenerys. Swallowing her pride despite defeat, she tries to escape death in a King’s Landing that is on fire and blood. On her escape, she ran into Jaime Lannister. Dying, the love of her life hopes to lead her to safety. With no way out, the couple dies buried while a new face of Cersei is discovered: that of a future mother who is afraid for her child. “I want our child to live,” she repeats several times in despair.

Jaime Lannister

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RIP Jaime // Source: Capture OCS

Jaime Lannister had taken the voice of redemption since the end of season seven. But his immense love for Cersei makes him turn back and cost him his life. Seriously banged up after his fight against Euron Greyjoy, he tries to save his sweetheart by getting her out of King’s Landing. Caught in a trap, he takes Cersei in his arms one last time. “It’s just us,” he whispers to her. For all eternity.

Daenerys Targaryen

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Daenerys RIP // Source: Capture OCS

Dany took a big risk by becoming Mad Queen to destroy King’s Landing and take down Cersei. Mourning the death of his brother (and a little of his sister), Tyrion manages to turn Jon’s brain enough to make the right choice (at last). The rightful heir to the throne will stab his bride in her arms while she dreams of a new world. We have had regicides, parricides but we have not yet had tanticides.

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