Game of Thrones Quiz, Season 4: Do You Know Everything About Westeros and Essos?

As you probably know, the Game of Thrones series is finally back for a fifth season. The opportunity for us to ask you about season 4 to see if you really remember all the important details! Also take the opportunity to discover how Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons are created in a unique making of.

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You love the Game of Thrones series and couldn’t resist watching the first season of season 5 that started on Monday. But when you saw it, you couldn’t remember exactly what happened last year in season 4. This is the time to remember all the big moments of this season, notably the fight between Torth’s Brienne and the Hound or when the Night’s Watch has to face the arrival of Mance Rayder’s army.


Do you think you know everything about Game of Thrones, all the families who live in Westeros and the various events that have taken place at Essos? So you only have to do one thing, answer this quiz which consists of 15 questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

And don’t forget to share your score so that you can measure yourself against your friends, who are also fans of the series.

Game of Thrones Quizz, Season 4: Do you know everything about Westeros and Essos?

Question 1/15 – In which episode does Arya Stark get her Needle back?

Episode 3 Episode 2 Episode 1 Episode 4

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Question 2/15 – Who is going to help Jaime Lannister practice fighting with his left hand?

Oberyn Bronn Podrick. He’s going to train by himself.

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Question 3/15 – When Oberyn Martell goes up against The Mountain, who does he want to avenge?

His sister Elia His mother Elia His sister Ilia His daughter Ilia

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Question 4/15 – How does Ramsay reward Theon for staying loyal to him?

He offers him a bath He offers him women He offers him freedom He offers him new shoes

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Question 5/15 – Why does Sansa slap Robin when she is in the Eyrie?

He spit in her face He destroyed his snow-covered North Westeros replica He destroyed his snow-covered Winterfell castle replica He pulled her hair.

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Question 6/15 – In Episode 4, who suggested to Alliser Thorne to send Jon Snow to Craster Manor?

Jeor Mormont Janos Slynt Mestre Aemon Yoren

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Question 7/15 – Who is/are Joffrey’s real poisoner(s)?

Petyr Baelish Olenna Tyrell Tyrion Lannister Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell

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Question 8/15 – In which episode does Daenerys learn that Jorah Mormont is a spy?

The Children The Mountain and the Viper The Watchmen at the rampart The Mockingbird

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Question 9/15 – How did Arya manage to convince Ternesio Terys to take him to Braavos?

She utters the words valar morghulis She shows him the iron coin given by Jaqen H’ghar She gives him a document with Lord Tywin’s seal She doesn’t convince him and sneaks aboard.

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Question 10/15 – Who are the children of Olenna Redwyne and Luthor Tyrell?

Mina and Janna Mina and Jinna Mina, Mace and Janna Mace, Jinna, Mina and Jace

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Question 11/15 – Where is Yara trying to save her unfortunate brother Theon from the clutches of Ramsay?

Moat Cailin Le Neck Fort-Terreur Winterfell

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Question 12/15 – How did Daenerys manage to take control of Meereen?

By sending his dragons By infiltrating him through the sewers By showing the strength of his army in broad daylight By negotiating

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Question 13/15 – Who announces to Brienne and Podrick that they recently saw Arya, a prisoner of the Brotherhood without a banner?

Cold Pie Hot Pie Cold Quiche Hot Quiche

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Question 14/15 – During which episode did Lord Bolton legitimize his son Ramsay?

Episode 8 Episode 7 Episode 6 Episode 9

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Question 15/15 – Why do the women of Craster refuse to accompany Jon Snow to the Wall?

They’re sad about losing Craster They don’t like other men They want to be on their own They’d rather stay in the Fort where they grew up.

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