Game of Thrones on Ocs : Season 7 Ends as It Started, With Technical Problems

Game of Thrones on Ocs : Season 7 Ends as It Started, With Technical Problems

Dragons have played with the servers

Last night shortly before 9pm, comfortably seated in your armchair, you were ready to follow the outcome of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. But that was without counting on a ” technical problem ” that affected OCS customers, the bouquet of channels that broadcasts the series exclusively in France.

On Sunday night, HBO aired the seventh and final episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones : The Dragon and the Wolf. Expected by many fans of the show, it would have shattered the channel’s audience records. In France, OCS has an exclusive agreement with HBO to broadcast some of its programs, includingGame of Thrones.

A first broadcast took place during the night from Sunday to Monday on the OCS City channel, at 3am, simultaneously with the United States. A schedule not really accessible for everyone. No problem, a second broadcast was scheduled for Monday 28th at 8:40 pm, still on OCS City in addition to the replay availability via OCS Go.

Customers were on the warpath, with OCS beating the recall on social networks, among other things, but not everything went as planned.

You have requested Game of Thrones on OCS, please hold on…

As the official Twitter account starts live tweeting the final episode, the rumble goes up among users. Several of them have a connection error at around 9pm:

After two hours of silence, OCS announces that ” it should be back to normal by now “, a feeling that was obviously not shared by all users (here and there for example).

In any case, watching a 76-minute episode at 11 p.m. is too late for some people who throw in the towel and wait for better days. Many people are opposed to the legal offer, especially since they have no choice (due to the exclusivity agreement between OCS and HBO), the episode being already available for download elsewhere.

OCS confirms a “technical problem“, but does not provide details

Contacted, OCS confirms that there was indeed a ” technical problem ” last night. Chance or not of the calendar, the incident on OCS Go happened at the same time as the beginning of the broadcast on OCS City. When questioned on the subject, the team refused to enter into technical considerations to explain the reasons for the breakdown. Given the size of OCS’s client base, and the magnitude of the problem, this seemed like the least we could do.

We were only told that the incident mainly concerned OCS Go (the replay service), but that it also spilled over into OCS City (one of the channels in the bouquet). Our interlocutor tells us in passing that episode 7 of Game of Thrones was available since 4am on replay, that is to say one hour after its first broadcast in France. The customers could thus a priori benefit from it during a good part of the day (between 4 am and 9 pm).

The press department also confirmed that no compensation was expected, as this incident only affected a “tiny part ” of the subscribers. But again, we won’t get any numbers. The people involved will appreciate it.

Same galley when the first episode of Game of Thrones is aired

Remember that this is not the first incident of this kind for OCS which closes season 7 of Game of Thrones a little as it started (to a lesser extent): with crashes. On July 17, the ” perturbations ” had indeed come to play the festive troubles during the broadcast of the 1st episode.

Our service has been a victim of its success ” explained the channel bouquet, before adding that ” VOSTFR and VF will be on the air at the 8:40 pm broadcast “. According to comments made on Twitter at the time, the situation was far from being resolved on Monday night with, once again, many identification problems reported by users. Again, OCS had not provided any details.

During our interview of the day, it was made clear to us that the two incidents are not a priori linked.

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