Game design student’s stab at creating additional Nightstalker aspects and melee abilities

This blog goes into the design process of one game student’s Nightstalker project. The essay covers some interesting aspects like how they had to make sure their attacks were not too overpowered, and marketability issues with melee weapons in a horror-themed game. Expert opinions are also given on what makes for successful games such as sound effects and important characters.

The “hunter arc subclass ” is a student’s stab at creating additional Nightstalker aspects and melee abilities. The class was made with the intent of being viable in PvP, but it might be better suited for PvE.

Hello everyone, I’m a game design student and a huge Destiny fan, and I wanted to try my hand at developing some Nightstalker subclass elements and melee skills with the release of Void 3.0. I’ve seen individuals express their dissatisfaction with the tools Nightstalkers have compared to the Voidwalker and Sentinel subclasses during the last few weeks. I’m not going to give my thoughts on the current state of Nightstalkers, but I did want to share some ideas I had for new melee abilities and aspects. Obviously, the names don’t matter.

Melee Attacks:

Serrated Voidblade: Use a jagged knife made of ferocious void Light to do more damage and weaken the opponent struck. When you use this ability during invisibility, your invisibility is broken, and your damage is boosted (100 percent bonus in PvE, 10 percent bonus in PvP).

Unstable Senbon: Throw three vacillant void throwing needles in a tight arc at enemies to damage and weaken them. Volatile is created when all three needles strike the same target.


Assassin Aphotic:

While Invisible, your melee ability’s energy regeneration is enhanced. Hold the melee ability button to add explosive void Light to your melee, making it more deadly and effective.

  • Snare Bomb: Increases the size and length of the smoke cloud, as well as the damage it delivers over time.
  • Serrated Voidblade: Suppresses hit targets and initiates health restoration with final hits.
  • Senbon Unstable: the number of needles launched has been raised from 3 to 6. Even if you hit three needles on a single target, they’re still Volatile. When you hit all six needles, they explode, resulting in a significant void explosion.

While Invisibility is active, using the empowered melee ability gives enhanced damage (50 percent in PvE, 5% in PvP) and marks the targets with Assassin’s Target for 10 seconds. Allies who harm or defeat the targeted targets reward the user with melee ability energy (if using Marksman’s Dodge) or class ability energy (if using Gambler’s Dodge).

The Advice of Outlander:

Dodging creates a void snare that lasts for a reasonable period of time (12 seconds). After 4 seconds, the snare becomes invisible. When opponents approach too close, the snare explodes with void Light, delivering damage and weakening any combatants trapped in the explosion. The void snare’s last strokes provide class ability energy. After 4 seconds, deadfall anchors become invisible.

The Hunting Thrill:

For a limited period, final strikes on a Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile adversary award the Hunter’s Focus boost (4 seconds). Gain the Hunter’s Focus benefit for the rest of the Invisibility period while departing Invisibility; becoming Invisible terminates this buff’s duration.

Hunter’s Focus boosts the rate of melee and class ability regeneration (by 50%), as well as weapon handling and reload speed.

I hope you found anything interesting or helpful in these. I wanted to create a set of features that took use of the current features while also using Invisibility in a unique manner. I understand that Aphotic Assassin in particular may be little overtuned, but I still thought it would be a fun topic to pursue. If anybody is curious in my thought process on any of this, I created a google doc with all eight pages of overexplained awesomeness. edit?usp=sharing - Game design student Please let me know if any of you have any good ideas for abilities or if mine are just plain bad haha.

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For Destiny 2, post “A game design student’s attempt at designing extra Nightstalker characteristics and combat skills.”

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