Gallagher: Pitt’s got a ‘let down’ of black students

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said Thursday that Pitt had left many of his black students and was planning numerous reforms to address racial injustice on campus. This statement was made after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police at the end of May, which caused massive protests across the country. It also comes almost 50 years after the creation of the Black Action Society, which was founded in 1969 during a sit-in to convince Pitt to better support black students and teachers.

One of the most painful things is the extent to which we let them down, Gallagher said. We’re moving away from the state of statements and words. It’s about time. What are we gonna do?

On Thursday afternoon Senate session, held via Zoom, he discussed with other university leaders Pitt’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement and updated plans for the fall semester in response to the COWID 19 pandemic.

Mr. Gallagher announced that the committee will consider renaming Skype Hall, the home of Pitt Medical School. It is named after Richard Mellon Skyff, heir to the Mellon estate and former editor of the Pittsburgh Tribune View. Skyf’s sister, Cordelia Skyf May, has made more than 180 million dollars available through the Kolkom Family Foundation for the fight against immigrants. The process of renaming the buildings, which were used for the last time in 2016 for the former Parran Hall, requires the approval of a Board of Directors.

Gallagher said that Pitt Police will not be eliminated or deprived of its livelihood, but officials will receive additional diversity training to focus on the needs of African Americans, and the university will maintain a database of authorized officials throughout the state.

I don’t think Pitt Police Department funding competes with our ability to support student services, Gallagher said. This has not become a distortion of public priority.

Gallagher also said that Pitt will hire additional staff to support black student organizations and admit black students to the Chancellor’s Public Security Advisory Committee, which advises on decisions relating to Pitt’s police force. He added that Pitt is considering setting up an anti-racism fund next year, in consultation with the student council. A request to add black students to the general training requirements of the course will also be considered.

SBB president Eric Macadangang explained the need for a commitment to promote racial equality for people in senior positions, including Pitt.

What is beginning to change is the support and dedication of politicians, parents and leaders to power, Mr. Macadang said. Today, it is not [young people] who sit in the council chambers, in the council chambers or in this meeting.

Mr Gallagher added that all measures to promote racial justice were currently under consideration. This decision follows a letter sent last week to the university announcing that the strategic plan for Pitt 2025 will be suspended indefinitely after an initial six-month pause to work on such strategies was announced last month in response to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Everything is on the table, starting with how we recognize, recruit, retain, teach, communicate, and support campus culture and ensure the safety and hospitality of everyone on campus, Gallagher said.

Mr. Gallagher also talked about the preparations for the coming fall semester, which will be based on a modified [email security] model. According to him, the situation is always linked to good risk management and the university takes precautions to ensure the safety of all members of the community.

One of the methods Pitt uses to try to control the risk is to eliminate meeting places on campus, such as dormitories, cafeterias and study areas. According to Gallagher, the university is looking at all housing configurations to see if there is enough space to accommodate students properly or if additional rooms need to be rented on site.

We worked with a team of infectious disease physicians and epidemiologists to review each of these chambers and develop recommendations, Dr. Gallagher said. We can’t fill the dormitories completely.

Mr Gallagher added that the procedures for isolating students at risk of infection are currently being reviewed. The pandemic preparedness plan identifies Sutherland Hall as a place where infected or contaminated students can live.

We will have options for isolated housing, where someone can be moved and stay in that facility, Mr Gallagher said.

The university is also working on assessing whether all classrooms can be safely used during the pandemic. The inventory of all classrooms and the possibility to keep the lessons at an appropriate social distance in these classrooms will be completed by Friday afternoon. Classes will be moved to the next week based on this inventory, with each class being updated in the following weeks using [email security] technology. But Mr. Gallagher said that all students would have the opportunity to attend classes through distance learning.

Anyone who doesn’t want to go to class can do so via the internet, Gallagher said.meyran ave shooting,the pitt newspaper,pitt times,the pitt news archives,pitt student,pitt student affairs twitter,pitt news silhouettes,pitt news twitter

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