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absolutely love the color pink.

I’ve got a pink desk, a pink game console, a pink switch….. If I could live in a pink house, I probably would!

But until I got up the courage to buy cans of flamingo paint, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the perfect place to make my blush, pink and candy dreams come true.

So if you’re looking for the perfect women’s makeup from ACNH, get inspired by these gorgeous examples with all the shades of pink that fit on a small island!

15. Pink Bakery Kitchen

image source: IheartAC43

If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own Parisian bakery, specializing in romantic wedding cakes and gourmet macarons, this pink kitchen will help you make that dream come true (without having to fly to France).

The key to creating the perfect pink bakery is to use neutral colors on the walls and main furniture, then add pink flakes with elements like the rugs, refrigerator, countertop mixer and your decor.

And don’t forget to bring some goodies to show off your baking skills.

This player used wedding cake for his centerpiece, but you can look for custom cake hat designs and tiles to add something special!

14. Sanrio Ministry of Interior

Fishnet Picture Source

Have you had a chance to get your hands on one of the Sanrio amiibo packs yet?

This player did, and he used it as inspiration for this expensive desk, complete with vending machine accessories.

Even serious procrastinators would be tempted if it meant they could spend some time surrounded by candy-colored pastels and posters of their favorite Animal Crossing friends.

Sanrio packages include exclusive portraits that are too cute to pass up.

13. Jolly Cherry Indoor Swimming Pool and Spa

image source from dianacin

Pink is generally associated with people who like the more subtle and feminine things in life.

And hanging out at a spa is probably not one of them.

Avoid dirt, insects and grass. Instead, relax and rejuvenate under the cherry blossoms with a hot tub and pink indoor pool!

Most indoor spas do not have all the amenities of a bathroom. But this compact player combines the two in one for the ultimate zen experience, right in your home.

There is even room in this room for a pampering pedicure!

12. Fuscia Holiday dinner

image source: kiskekiache

The cherry blossoms that fill our islands each spring make a beautiful backdrop for any event with roses.

So this player’s dinner was a good start, even before he had placed any furniture.

Peach islands, like the native fruit, have a much easier time lacing their small plots with shades of red.

For example, this consultant on the island painted his dinner party pink with charming peach-colored chairs.

The well pads have even more charm!

As you can see in My Melodic Bed and Cloud Creator Kiki and Lala, Sanrio objects are a popular addition to pink design.

You’ll give your guests something special to enjoy while they feast outside.

11. Mermaid beach

Satin Fox Image source

Summer is the perfect time for sunbathing and surfing.

But it can be hard to leave your pink paradise to get sand in your pants.

But with a little creativity, leaving home doesn’t mean suddenly changing your color scheme!

Start by laying out a customizable sandy beach in soft shell pink as the foundation for your fabulous beach house.

Then add any mermaid theme you can think of. They beautifully combine the beach vibe with a nice mix of pinks, blues and purples.

Fill the empty spaces with shell-shaped furniture.

You can change the color to standard pink or pearl, which shines in pastel shades.

10. Princess Peach Castle

Shelliland Image source

Of course, this castle is not officially licensed as Princess Peach’s castle.

But if anyone would approve of this clever combination of silos and separate panels, it would be him!

If I were to do this design, I would make this palace the main entrance to the pink island extravaganza.

For a fairytale atmosphere, follow a pink cobblestone path that leads to the drawbridge. Then place the wedding arch in front of the main gate of the castle.

9. Retro Diner

Image source: ShailBeast

I love the vintage vibe of this retro pink restaurant!

It has everything you need to enjoy a delicious meal without making a mess of your kitchen.

New Horizons offers a variety of items that enhance the aesthetic of a vintage diner, including. B. giant neon signs, beautiful ice cream lamps and classic restaurant furniture.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer (and I know you are), grab a paintbrush and a decorating set! Almost everything in this kit can be applied with a fresh coat of your own pink paint.

Complete with coral colored appliances and you can open your business!

8. Mondsee Fee

image source by @sloomywy / @new.horizons.inspiration

Sometimes we all get swept up in the urge to transform our islands into the salmon-colored paradise we dream of.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of putting it all together or don’t know where to start to completely renovate your island, make your life easier with a fantastic pond and seating area.

All you need are a few custom brick codes, some outdoor furniture and pretty pink flowers.

Are the roses and hyacinths already cut in pink?

White daisies are a nice extra flower to fill the empty spot in the meantime!

My favorite part is the little island with the pink moon in the middle. It is ideal for stargazing or relaxing after a long day of meeting the islanders.

And if you want more great ideas, we’ve got you covered.

7. Hello Kitty Cafe

image source SakuraislandAS

Combine all the Sanrio hype with your retro pink restaurant and you get a Hello Kitty coffee shop.

This charming open-air restaurant proves you don’t need to hunt for exclusive amiibo cards to bring a little Sanrio magic to the island.

This designer used cute furniture and pink kitchen accessories, then improved the finish and custom coding booth.

Hello Kitty is such a cute character too. It’s hard not to be tempted by a cold cocktail or a pastry.

You can add as many little pink details as you like, but this is another option for those who like purple tones in moderation.

6. Bedroom Gotha Pastel

image source from bin678

Just because you prefer it a little darker doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vibrant pink aesthetic.

Add a touch of gothic patterns to give your princess palette an extra edge.

Start with the walls and windows to give your home a spooky look at night. A gothic castle wallpaper looks even better with flickering candles and moonlight.

Roses are another decorating idea that suits both the pink and frilly look and the more mysterious alternative….. Even though most of the roses in the perfect gothic room were dead, black and wilted.

This player uses a pink rug to bring in some flowers, but keeps the rest of the room simple and clean with a little pink as accents.

5. Advanced nursing students

image source by @acnh.berriess

Let’s give everyone’s favorite tailor a little more room to do their thing.

This model offers space for cleaning and sewing in a delicate, whimsical design.

You can even make this space as flexible as you like.

This designer practically built a full outdoor version of the store, complete with a sewing room for Sable and fitting rooms for your NHFA friends to try on custom designs.

My favorite part of this pattern is the alternating rows of white and pink pucks.

Ideal for a sewing room with a laundry room. And this creative player brought this idea to life!

4. Charming Studio

image source by @blossom.crosser

By focusing on space and interior design, you can transform your home into a stunning living complex with themed rooms!

If my studio was so charming, I might not mind so much….

Give your visitors a luxurious experience with everything they need to live their lives in pink without overdoing it.

Even with pink floors (which can sometimes seem too sweet), there is a good balance of neutrals to keep it from being too sweet.

This designer knows that it’s the little things that really bring a room together, like the books by the computer system, the floral element on the gramophone and the cozy cat bed for a pleasant companion….. All in the color bubble gum pink!

3. Stand Bob Tay and Mochi Marina

Image Source: Mochi Mochi

Boba tea + mochi + marina, this is the recipe for the most delicious snack ever!

For this idea, you’ll use custom painted stalls to make little candy stands.

This designer chose a charming combination of strawberry bubble tea and the most beautiful cephalopod on earth, Marina, for his sunscreen lacquer.

Then present delicious Japanese pastries to your residents. Make sure there is a plate with the daily specials.

If you want something more, you can turn it into a micro cafe with a few dining tables, chairs and floral decorations to complete the look.

2. Flowers and pink flowers

image source from pepperoni__pizza

It may seem silly to put something as simple as a rose garden so high on the list.

But I like pink so much that even an island full of blushing flowers should be enough to raise your star rating to 5!

Apply crimson, purple and white tones and arrange the flowers from shade to light. This creates a beautiful shadow effect that is highlighted when the wind rustles between the petals.

And you can improve your horticultural reputation by becoming a professional florist and growing pink hybrid flowers like cosmos, chrysanthemums and roses.

1. Pink Tea Party

Image source: @peonyandcream

I don’t think anyone can deny that this picnic snack for two is adorable!

It combines so many elements into one impeccable design, and it looks great in shades of pink.

From a lacy ceiling to a three-story cake, it’s a cotton candy-colored paradise that can take up a lot of room on your island.

In addition to pink poppies, lilies and roses, the designer has designed small squares with different patterns that almost look like a quilt pattern.

This whimsical choice fits perfectly with the pastoral and rustic look of the flower garden, as does the natural fence.

One of the most appreciated details are the small flying candles scattered across the grass.

I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy the sunset from this terraced view, as the sky explodes into a fireworks display of twinkling stars.

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