Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Cowboy Bebop Back on Netflix !

Next month, Netflix will be adorning itself with two heavyweights of animation: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Cowboy Bebop.

One returns, the other disembarks

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Indeed, just a few months ago Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was available on Netflix but was finally cruelly ripped off. The animated series will finally be back online on Netflix on April 1st, from Part 1 to 5! We remind that Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the second animation series adapted in 2009 from the manga Full Metal Alchemist ! The latter has a darker tone and is more faithful to the manga than the first series of 2003 (which had the same name as the manga).

FMA Brotherhood will not arrive alone sincee Cowboy Bebop will make its grand entrance, an anime that has become cult and whose 26 episodes will be put online the same day! A news that will undoubtedly delight animation lovers. Netflix seems to be targeting this audience since its anime catalogue keeps growing! 

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