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From horse shaking to dog pose – Protests against Borkai are in Győr

Political corpse-beater. Reports.

From horse shaking to dog pose – – these are the two endpoints of Zsolt Borkai'' s occupation.

We commemorated her in the opening round of the horse-drawn horse in the eighties, particularly by promoting her ten-point gold-tipped method in Seoul, the hurt ankle; we appreciated his wariness, we liked his generosity as well as discreetness. The closing phase, the onion-glazing of the body of work, occurs a few days ago: the mayor is crucified, however not in the center, however in the latori location, with his face towards the tree, with a radiant butt to the target market, as if Borkai is flirting with Fate.

They have actually been objecting against him in his city today, not precisely against him, however against Viktor Orban'' s NER, the “mafia federal government” that has ended up being an imitator.

The presentation was organized by Energy, however, for the total opposition, the workout musical underpinned the pointless “describe to Ferenc Deák, these penis are not yet founded guilty” from Bajnoq to ball-compatible János Bródy'' s lines, however visuals “Provide me the didit” as well as “public money, cocaine, whores” banners describing the mace of a peacock. Likewise deserving of reference is the guy that certainly wins the Tee shirts competition, modeling his Borkai doggy pose for his outerwear.

| Deserving of mention is the guy who definitely wins the Tee shirts competitors, modeling his Borkai dog pose for his outerwear.

Picture: János

Marjai/ 24. com The phantom was gone along with by an unreasonably big amount of authorities safety, the video clip companies had actually been told before the speeches that”you prefer to have played Borka on the Adriatic,”however it didn ' t grow out of it, just a guard smile. Attak was nearly provoked by Zsolt Bede, a wild boar running this week; the pro-government blog writer has actually been shaking a pink vibrator under Gergely Christmas as well as Róbert Alföld, as well as currently in classic yells of sentimental” brighter future! “when Jobbik'' s parliamentarian, György Szilágyi, required to the stage. Bede was rapidly lynched as well as the occasion was disrupted for a few mins while he was knocked out of the square with authorities assistance/ security.

Picture: János Marjai/ 24. com In the sequel, Szilágyi said sorry to Győr for shedding four regional serfs to opposition collaboration after the break out of the Borkai detraction,”taking the name Jobbik, tarnishing the opposition. “Along with saying sorry, Szilágyi likewise discussed the truth that if Fidesz drops in Győr, he might drop in the nation

, as well as at the end of the journey, “we can take his country as well as his flexibility from Viktor Orbán”, thus motivating him to “jail, jail”collected a thousand individuals. The president of the MSZP in Győr, Balázs Pollreisz, a participant of the local government as well as leader of the intrigue, made a statement that might not have actually been birthed in Absurdistan without the Orban central power, despite the unusual resistance celebrations even in the arms of the immigrants; Even better, in spite of the 4” traitors,”he persists in the opposition coalition.

Picture: János Marjai/ 24. com Pollreis likewise document that: She discovered illegal celebration funding at Borkaine, which resulted in her filing a suit he believes the mayor has actually made a'cupola out of the city center as well as he called everybody right into the fight, “what you require is a weapon, our weapon must be the pen”, that is to state, Sunday ' s yelp. Incidentally, Energy ' s city president, Ákos Hegedűs, opened the line with speeches regarding the Borkai sex as well as the Borka corruption celebration in Győr. The exact same style, that is, the patch of honor in the city, was the subject of a closing speech by a joint opposition mayoral candidate, Timea Glázer. The prospect states Sunday ' s political election will certainly not be about right as well as left, no federal government as well as opposition, no mayor ' s vision, no health and wellness, no location to park, not also the fallen Borkais,”however our

honor, the honor of the Győr”. Timea Glázer coined the phrase “it truly harms that the whole nation is chomping on the oligarch orgy ship packed with women.”

Picture: János Marjai/ 24. com In the doggy state of mind of our time, this respectable lady might not do away with genital associations as well as mapped out the present issue of the settlement with the picture of” it depends on us to end up being pitiful suckers or ideal residents of Győr who can walk the nation.

“As well as he punched out that on Sunday, “we should clean our pity from our city, reveal the nation that the people of Győr are good people, the people of Győr are recognized mayor “. It was likewise a momentary enjoyment with the” I have something that Zsolt Borkai does not have”problem, which he fixed by stating”I would never, ever before pity my household, my city as well as my nation, it may not be a lot, however in Gyor should be appreciated.” I did not discover the requirement for joint resistance action, I do, to promote unity from the radical to the liberal, however to believe that commitment, household, is not what the Fideszians believe”we can most likely to church or to the bar.”To Borka, he stated:

This ship is gone, if all is true on the Adriatic.

Sándor Rónai, a regional DK, implicated Borka of “slipping into his manager, Viktor Orbán” when he was not constantly promoting for the health and wellness of the city, particularly regional health and wellness. According to Rónai, “today they need to look once again at exactly how they perform themselves from Insect”, since “if something horrible occurred” the city would re-elect Borka, after his canvassing resignation, he would “choose his follower in Insect”.

Rónai believes that “Viktor Orbán has a creature not only in Gyor, however in Budapest, he is István Tarlós, who stated that Zsolt Borkai had actually ended up being unsuited, however he did not create it himself, and after that Viktor Orbán provided him one more instruction., that might take control of the mayor, so Viktor Orban will put one more Fidesz wrongdoer out of Insect someplace nearby. “

Picture: János Marjai/ 24. com András Fekete-Győr, the national head of state of Momentum, was the most regular speaker, with lots of quotes: Hi”

  • hey there Győr”browsed the crowd for “Christian Borka” as well as really hoped the mayor would view him on the web has actually identified the Mafia government an”old young boys group”that has actually been “dishonesty, taking”the nation considering that 2010 drawn out that throughout the program modification, liberal Fidesz battled against tyranny, as well as currently “they are the authorities state, they are the corruption “he believes”wine-making”is not derailment, however the objective of the ruling celebration itself:” Today, somebody is not going into Fidesz to enhance the nation, however to be able to wine-wine to ensure that he can take from taken cash like pigs … … to take the tax on cocaine as well as prostitutes “
  • the Fideszians are hypocrites: they utilize cocaine on medications as well as grumble regarding the supremacy of Christian worths.
  • The final thought is:

    Viktor Orbán is no different than the others, he resides in a castle, he delights in a high-end plane as well as a high-end private yacht, he is only thinking about money.

    The standard is:

    We are right here to state that Zsolt Borkai as well as his partners should surrender as well as vanish|vanish as well as resign from public life permanently. There are no 2 Fidesz, just one corrupt as well as sanctimonious|hypocritical as well as corrupt Fidesz. Győr does not need a mayor who is involved in sex celebrations, however requires brand-new buses.

    Picture: János Marjai/ 24

    . com A severe pledge was made: We in the Energy will regulate in a different way, not investing money on cocaine as well as whores, however on health and wellness as well as rental housing. Whoever attempts to take as an immediate, goes: initially from the celebration, then to court, then to prison.( As a refinement, referring to the Eleventh Orban Commandment, it was stated:”However those who wish to deactivate by character murder, we stand securely next to us, right here comradeship starts.” )A notable aspect in Black-Győr ' s speech is that he essentially denounced the other day'' s associate Pető'' s ruling that Fidesz, ruled by the Borkais revealed as well as surrendered|surrendered as well as revealed as well as launched a short article by Borka, ruled Fidesz on an unmatched turmoil on Friday.

    (There'' s something else we can'' t assistance however explain: while the group of over a thousand people celebrated Black-Gyor, somebody in the target market asked him, “Well, what shade is Gyor today?” The response: Black Gyor, huh)

    Picture: János Marjai/ 24. com We might pay attention to two other speakers prior to the city center. From Eco-friendly János Kendernay, we had the ability to keep in mind that “the obligation of the voters in Gyor is substantial” since if regional Fidesz survives this detraction, that is, if Borka is re-elected by the city, after that all obstruction will drop.

    The Győr-born press agent as well as Balázs Gulyás began in the classification of “fun rhetoric boating”, among others:

    • opening quote from Petofi, “Marvelous lords, exactly how are you? Do you impulse a little
      Neck ye? “; thankfully he did not proceed the verse, so he prevented the project ending (the unmentioned area: “New Fashion Necktie/ Made Currently/ For You … not lousy, however/ Great Tight.”)
    • amusingly erased his wit in a solitary sentence to the occupants of a town in Vas as well as a region in Veszprém, stating that “Borkai might be a mayor at a lot of in Pornoapáti” (he did not provide generously to Pollreisz'' s ally) however appropriately recommended that if the authorities came out to the Eighth District Project Facility “a blurred picture” a few weeks back, as it ended up being unproven, after that detectives may need to sound Borkai
    • asked, “where are the regional media currently, the Little Level, the household'' s everyday paper, where the primary news today is exactly how terrific Hungarian health and wellness is, as well as the name of the mayor has not been documented considering that the break out of the detraction”
    • he stated that “it is not the pornography kingdom of Pune that counts” however that “it is feasible to embezzle a whole city, an entire country” as well as asked “if a mayor could take millions, how much could be gathered in the head of state'' s Swiss checking account”
    • Fidesz was thought about “among the most significant outlaws in Hungarian history”
    • as well as mapped out the parable of “you drug, our potatoes,” from which the exclamation came “when will the sky be upon you?” order one more dosage of cocaine while you can. “

    So: Borka mores than, no mercy, essentially no Borkai, the personality is ruined. |: Borka is over, no mercy, generally no Borkai, the personality is ruined. Furthermore, it is inadequate for his opponents to use his political remains as a trigger, as his own have actually explained. Borkai has actually vanished from sight, never ever to show up once again, maybe he would certainly not cheat his components as well as cams if he won on Sunday.

    As well as currently he doesn'' t also comprehend what occurred, as well as why he did it: he just placed in the stuff, the cot, the horse, the institution he ran, the MOB, the region, the city, the Parliament, what life has quit as well as has won, praised all over. He also escaped the 7 billion-dollar Audi, as well as slipped on a cocoon.


    Featured picture: János Marjai/ 24. com

    | Photo: Picture Marjai/ 24. PhotoPicture János Marjai/ 24. Photo: Picture Marjai/ 24.

    PhotoPicture János Marjai/ 24. Photo: Picture Marjai/ 24. By the method, Momentum ' s city head of state, Ákos Hegedűs, opened up the line with speeches regarding the Borkai sex as well as the Borka corruption celebration in Győr. PhotoPicture János Marjai/ 24. Photo: Picture Marjai/ 24.

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