Freebox and Free Mobile: the Bill Will Increase by 0.99/month for Extra Digital Books

As from February 1, 2020, Free will automatically increase the invoices of its Freebox and Free mobile customers (with the exception of the €2 plan) by €0.99/month to include Youboox One, a catalog of digital books.

The operator specifies that its customers will have ” the possibility to cancel it at any time, with a simple click and free of charge, by going to their Subscriber Space on or on »

However, the practice is detestable, as the least well-informed subscribers will pay €0.99/month extra for a service they do not use. Free does not clearly indicate on its site that Youboox will become paying after January 31, 2020. On the contrary, on the current price brochure, it says: “After January 31, 2020, the Youboox One service option will be automatically removed from Free offers, without any action on the part of the subscriber. “ The brochure therefore needs to be updated.

Youboox One was previously included free of charge for Free subscribers. The service includes unlimited access to 50,000 books and hundreds of audiobooks via the Youboox application.

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