Freebox: a Cheap Box Launched in February?

The new Freebox v8 will be released in February, according to the weekly Télécable Sat Hebdo. Enough to enable Free to regain market share?

[Updated 6 February 2020 at 8:55 am] Although Xavier Niel had announced to the press his intention to launch a new Freebox in 2019, nothing came of it in the end. That would ultimately be February 2020, according to the weekly Télécable Sat Hebdo in its February 1 edition. This new box, the Freebox v8, would respond to Xavier Niel’s desire to offer a more accessible model that, according to Android TV Rumors, Android TV. The site recalls these remarks made by Free’s boss, in May, when he revealed the need to find a centre of excellence that is accessible, transparent, and that makes you dream. 29.99 per month for the Freebox One, Free’s last two babies have not enabled it to capture the expected market share. The Freebox V8 would actually replace the Freebox Mini 4K.

The Basics: Xavier Niel presented two new boxes on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. The high-end version, the Freebox Delta will be available for 49.99 euros per month However, an additional 10 euros per month for two years is required to add the Freebox Server – Devialet. The more basic version, Freebox One, will be offered at a price of 29.99 euros per month for one year (then 39.99 euros per month). They are both already available to order and the first deliveries will take place at the beginning of next week.

Summary of the main new features :

  • 10Gbits for fiber customers, ADSL – 4G for others
  • 4K HDR image quality
  • a Netflix subscription included
  • Alexa Amazon’s voice wizard and an OK Freebox feature
  • two remote controls, one of which is tactile
  • a Devialet loudspeaker with 6 speakers

Freebox control Delta

The two new Freeboxes, designed by English designer Jasper Morrison, have been available to order since December 4. The first deliveries, operated by UPS, will take place from the beginning of next week. Iliad’s CEO, Thomas Raynaud, has therefore taken up the challenge of offering the new Freeboxes at the foot of the tree.  Please note that shortly after the announcement of the new Freebox, the registration process was interrupted for many Internet users Free accuses Orange, in charge of the eligibility service, reveals BFM Business.

Price Freebox Delta

Free subscribers will be entitled to use the Delta Freebox for a subscription fee of However, they will have to pay an additional €10 per month for two years (or €480 in cash) to get their hands on the Free – Devialet player, which will allow them to benefit from high-end sound quality

Price Freebox One

29.99 per month for one year for the first 100,000 Freebox One subscribers. The others will have to pay a flat rate of 39.99 euros per month

Differences between Freebox Delta and Freebox One

This is not a stall. It’s a unique experience. Free announces the color on its website and it must be said that the wow effect promised by Xavier Niel is at the rendezvous with the two new Freeboxes unveiled: the Freebox Delta and the Freebox One. The English designer Jasper Morrison was asked to come up with a simple and innovative design with a delta shape.

The Delta Freebox features a Devialet sound system, a 4K HDR-enhanced image, the integration of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and the launch of the Ok Freebox feature. But also a standard Netflix subscription (one screen and no HD) at no extra cost and the arrival of the TV by Canal offer. All this at a speed boosted by 10Gbits/second fiber technology. However, Xavier Niel has not forgotten the many ADSL households that will be able to benefit from the combination of DSL and 4G to boost their speed. The new Freebox Server integrates the Quad-Core ARMv8 processor, the most powerful on the market, next generation FreePlugs, Sigfox connectivity and an NFC reader. Two remote controls, one of which is touch-sensitive, are used to manage the whole thing.

In the Delta version, the Freebox becomes a real entertainment platform. In particular, Deezer, Youtube, Dailymotion, Quobuz and Twitch will be integrated directly into the site. More than 600 channels are accessible from the Delta Freebox and 100 channels in replay, Free announced. By calling up his box with the OK Freebox command, give me all the films with Jean Dujardin the customer will find all the programs concerned in an interface that is quite similar to that of Netflix. More than 1,000 press titles will be available in the Freebox Delta offer on an unlimited basis via the LeKiosk application. Among which titles like Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Elle, GQ…

The Delta Freebox therefore has two voice assistants, Alexa from Amazon and OK Freebox, the in-house service. Univers Freebox explains why Free decided to use two wizards for the same device.  Ok Freebox is installed directly in the player while Alexa is in the cloud. This difference allows Amazon’s wizard to add skills on a regular basis and offer more and more features. Hence the collaboration with Amazon.

Still reserved for the Delta Freebox, a security pack will also be offered, including a motion detector, a door or window opening detector and a night vision camera. The Freebox Server acts as an alarm central thanks to Sigfox connectivity that allows it to operate autonomously even if your electrical system is cut off. Everything will be controlled from a remote control For Sigfox boss Ludovic Le Moan, interviewed by Les Echos, it is a superb exhibition that will enable the French IOT specialist to become better known to the general public. And to congratulate himself for having been able to enter the connected home market with the support of a mainstream player as he wanted.

Xavier Niel announced on the Univers Freebox website that 3 big new features will be launched soon on the Delta Freebox. One on hardware, one on software and one on a new service. The founder of Free also indicated that the operator was working with some thirty partners on this Delta Freebox. There are just over 20 of them here today. Some were not ready and we had to wait until we had the important things we wanted.

Free and Netflix

Discussions between Free and Netflix have long been a stormy topic. But Netflix can now be accessed directly from the new Freebox. Xavier Niel announced that a Netflix subscription would be offered to Delta and Freebox One customers at no extra cost. It is in fact the Essential package at 7.99 euros (one screen, standard quality) that is proposed here. To take advantage of the multiple screen offers and HD or 4K images, you’ll have to spend more. Count an additional 3 euros for Netflix Standard and 6 euros more for Netflix Premium.

Migration to Freebox Delta

The Delta and One Freeboxes have been launched, former subscribers can consider migrating to one of the new offers.  Xavier Niel announced on 12 December that this migration would be free for subscribers over 5 years old (compared to 8 years old initially). Likewise, the set-up fee, which was 49 euros for all, is reduced to 0 euros for those who do not take the option with Hard Disk and security pact. 

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