Free Will Not Impose the Youboox Paid Service on Its Customers.

By forcibly imposing the paid option (€0.99 per month) for Youboox digital books on its mobile and Freebox subscribers the “troublemaker” was serving its customers a deplorable revenue that was served a little too often by the competition to artificially boost their ARPU, the average revenue per subscriber. This service, which had previously been offered to Free customers, would automatically become payable as of February 1, unless the customer opted out by going to the subscriber’s area (read: Freebox and Free mobile the bill will increase by €0.99/month for additional e-books).

The operator has returned to better feelings. In an email intercepted by Univers Freebox, Free explains to its subscribers that the Youboox One service will automatically end on January 31st : “Your offer remains unchanged“. Just to be completely clear, the company is asking to ignore the email sent in December! It’s just that there was probably a little discomfort somewhere…

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