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When hackers find a way to eat for free at McDonald's...

Voila, I subscribed to a Free 50go subscription last Sunday with portability for tomorrow Friday.

Yesterday Wednesday, I realize that I ordered the wrong SIM card I need a nano and I ordered a multi card, how silly of me.

So I call Free who tells me that they will send me a nano card and that I will receive it within a week.

But since the portability is due on Friday, I won’t have received this new card, so I ask if I can activate the multi SIM card and get a nano SIM card from a Free SIM card subscription and distribution terminal, I’m told that yes, the activation is only done from the internet.

So I figure it’s okay.

But it’s Thursday and I haven’t received the multi SIM card yet, I’ll probably receive it tomorrow. But in case the postman doesn’t put anything in the mailbox tomorrow, what will happen to the portability.

Is the old operator going to keep the line open until I activate the line at Free?

Thank you. Thank you.

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