Free Online Mmorpg Search Fr and Not Too Heavy.

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 A free online role playing game I recommend is Atlantis ultima (

 1- The best game system (skill sheet & other) I’ve encountered in a turn-based MMORPG.

 2- Very varied (7 races available from dwarves to orcs, possibility to have an axe or a machinegun, to be a magician, warrior, merchant, or polyvalent, …)

 3- Emphasis is placed on interaction between players.

 4- Non-addictive or time-consuming. One tour a day, so no people staying connected 24 hours a day to become the most powerful.

 5- No zombies: Almost all players are active (80% have logged in once in the last 24 hours…)

 6- A team of developers is putting the package together to improve the game even more.

 I’ve been playing it for 4 years and I’ve never been disappointed!

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