Free Mobile Complicates the Cancellation of Its Rate Plans

Free Mobile makes it harder to cancel rate plans

Maj. June 13, 2019 at 11:40 a.m. min.

Free Mobile launched a new procedure for canceling mobile phone rate plans, which is less simple for subscribers. For the past few days, cancelling a mobile offer at Free has involved an additional step that allows the operator to try to retain customers on departure.

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If you are at Free Mobile and wish to cancel your subscription, the procedure is no longer the same. Until now, all that was required was to send a registered letter to the cancellation address in the subscriber area, but a few days ago an extra step was added to the procedure.

Free Mobile: cancelling your plan goes one step further

Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? As Univers Freebox points out, the cancellation address is no longer simply retrievable from the subscriber space. To get it, you must now call 3244, an additional step that does not please subscribers. The same termination steps were already in place for Freeboxes a few months ago For terminations with number portability, the procedure has not changed. Always call 3179 to get your RIO code.

By complicating things a little more, Free Mobile is probably hoping to stop the mass departures. In 2018, the operator lost nearly 350,000 subscribers to its competitors. In the first quarter of 2019, Free and Free Mobile also lost 56,000 subscribers. Going through a call offers the operator an opportunity to try to make retention with arguments such as promotional offers, among other examples.

The operator’s initiatives do not stop there and do not just have a negative connotation. Free recently presented its “odyssey 2024″ plan to revive its growth over the next five years. In a slightly shorter timeframe, Xavier Neil promises a revolution in mobile packages with subsidized smartphones by 2021. ” Things that are legal and will be viable for the next 20 years.” This is enough to make customers’ curiosity and excitement soar to its peak.

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