Free Mobile Complicates Cancellation Procedures

Always quick to place itself as the white knight of the telecom world, Free mobile is not only virtuous. Proof of this is the modification of the cancellation procedure for its mobile offers raised by the site Univers Freebox. Previously, when a user wished to cancel his Free Mobile subscription, he could go to his subscriber area and find the contact details to send his mail by registered mail. The process was already tedious, but the operator decided to make it even more difficult.

For a few weeks now, these contact details have no longer been accessible in the subscriber’s area. You must now call 32 44 to obtain the address of the cancellation centre. A necessary step for Free’s call center that complicates things unnecessarily for the customer. For Iliad’s subsidiary, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to try to retain the consumer tempted by the separation. A way to give oneself the opportunity to offer him to stay or to review his offer through a small promotion. Free had already started to operate in this way for its fixed offers.

Termination or portability?

Some comments in theUniverse Freebox article indicate that it may finally be simpler to port your number to another operator’s prepaid offer. Indeed, if you do not wish to keep your line, switching to a prepaid offer allows you to do away with registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt. The steps are the responsibility of the operator to whom one turns. Some prepaid offers even cost less than sending a registered letter. This saves the consumer a lot of hassle and a few euros.

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