Free Increases the Package Price of All Its Subscriptions

Maj. December 9, 2019 at 10:44 p.m.

Free increases the price of the Freebox and Free mobile subscriber package. Xavier Niel’s operator is charging an additional €0.99 per month in exchange for the Youboox option, which has been offered free of charge for several months. You will be told how to refuse this additional cost.

Remember: in January 2019, Free offered all its subscribers unlimited access to Youboox’s entire library of books and Comic Books in streaming, a service that provides access to an impressive library of 30,000 books via an Android or iOS application. As announced, the offer is free of charge until 31 January 2020.

As of January 1, 2020, this option will be automatically imposed as and all subscribers concerned will be charged €0.99 per month, Iliad announced in a Press Release Please note that this increase does not apply to subscribers who have subscribed to the 2-euro package offered by the operator. These customers were not able to take advantage of Youboox’s free offer.

“Given the success of the Youboox One offer, Free has decided to make this service automatically available to its Freebox subscribers as well as to its mobile subscribers (Free Package and Free Series)” explains Free, trying to pass off this general increase as a bargain.

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How to refuse to pay €0.99/month?

“This offer is always without obligation. Free subscribers can therefore opt out at any time, at the click of a button and at no cost” reassures the operator. We explain how to keep your current package below. To decline the offer, you must act before January 31, 2019. Once this date has passed, the option will be integrated by default.

For Freebox subscribers

  • Go to
  • Go tosubscriber area
  • Click on My Subscription
  • Go to Manage Youboox
  • Click Disable Youboox
  • Confirm by clicking Deactivate Youboox

For Free Mobile subscribers

  • Go to
  • Go tosubscriber area
  • Click on Manage
  • Go to category Options
  • Look for section Youboox One
  • Press Deactivate
  • Confirm by clicking on Disable Youboox Oneoption

It should be noted that Free‘s pricing brochure , in force since 2 December 2019, currently misleads customers. “After 31/01/2020, the Youboox One service option will be automatically removed from Free offers, without any action on the part of the subscriber” provides the brochure.

When the offer was announced in January, Free assured that the Youboox option would be offered to interested subscribers at a price of In the end, Free preferred to try to discreetly impose the option on its customers, somewhat in the manner of SFR.





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