Free: How to Cancel Your Mobile or Internet Package

It is not easy to cancel your Free mobile phone plan or fixed-line Internet subscription. The operator makes every effort to make the procedure complicated and sometimes asks for termination fees to be paid. The client is deliberately left in the fog, but he can find the answers to his questions here.

Aren’t you good at paperwork? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this file we explain how you can cancel your Free fixed-line Internet subscription or your Free Mobile package. As you will see, the procedure varies depending on your situation.

You change operator

If you are leaving Free to go to one of its competitors and want to keep your phone number (fixed or mobile), then the steps to follow are quite simple. Your new supplier takes care of the termination himself. You just need to retrieve your RIO code (Operator Identity Record) by calling 3179. A voice mailbox will then inform you of your RIO and the expiry date of your contract. An SMS is then sent to you with the code. This one is composed of 12 characters. At Free, he always starts with “04”. Be careful to make the call from the line concerned by the change. If you no longer have access to your phone, you should contact the operator’s customer service department to find out.

Once you have obtained the number, you must communicate it to your new operator so that he can take care of the line switchover and termination at Free. So you don’t even have to contact Free yourself, which can save you a few nervous breakdowns. Your future provider also takes care of the portability of yournumber, made possible by obtaining the RIO code. With very little effort, you are now with the same phone number as before, but with a different operator.

Cancel without a new subscription or without keeping your phone number

If you want to leave Free, but do not want to take up a subscription with another operator, or take out a new package, but do not want to keep the phone number you had with Free, this is complicated. Iliad’s subsidiary cannot resolve the situation with a simple phone call or via its customer area

You must send a termination letter by registered mail to Free to terminate your subscription. Please allow 10 days’ notice from the date of receipt of the request by Free for the outage to take effect. You can also anticipate and specify in your letter a date from which you wish to cancel.

But to which address should the application be sent? Free plays the trick and does not indicate this information on its website or on the documents it sends to its customers. In this way, it hopes to discourage consumers from cancelling or force them to call Customer Service at 32 44 to ask for the address. Of course, the counsellor who will answer you is instructed to hold your leg for long minutes to convince you to stay at Free. Once you have endured this, he will email you the cancellation form and the return voucher if applicable. But you can send registered mail directly if you don’t want to go through the ordeal of a customer service conversation. You can choose between two addresses:


FREE termination

BP 40090

91003 Évry cedex


Free Terminations


6, rue Désir Prévost


Prefer the first address, which is more recent and the one currently provided by customer service. The second is still functional at the time of writing, but may soon no longer be adapted.

Once Free has taken your mail into account, the operator will send you a cancellation confirmation as well as your last bill to be paid. Depending on your situation, additional fees may apply for closing the account, but we will come back to this later. Don’t forget to return the material and accessories provided by Free within 15 days. Otherwise, you must also pay them.

What are the cancellation fees?

We will detail the possible cases depending on whether it is a cancellation of a mobile package or a fixed Internet subscription. If you wish to terminate your Free Mobilecontract, you are in principle not committed. There are no cancellation fees to pay, you only have to pay for the current month.

However, the situation can become more complicated if you have subscribed to your package with a smartphonerental offer, which assumes a 24-month commitment period. Even if you are no longer a Free subscriber, you must continue to pay your monthly rental fee (starting at ’12 per month, the amount varying according to the model chosen) until the end of your commitment period. Please note that cancelling your Free Mobile plan results in a increase of of the monthly price of 5 euros. If you have been renting a phone for 20 euros per month for 12 months and you terminate your contract, you will have to pay 25 euros per month for the remaining 12 months. At the end of the 24 months, the rental contract renews automatically from month to month, remember to cancel it as well and return the device to the operator (in good condition, with all accessories, well packed and protected and within 30 days) so that you don’t have to pay any additional costs. The sending address of the mobile phone is as follows:

Free Service Mobile

77581 Savigny-Le-Temple Cedex

Another case: you have subscribed to a Free Mobile plan with a commitment period. This is possible if you went through a Veepee private sale with 24 months commitment against a “free” smartphone. In this case, there is no escaping it: either you wait until the end of your commitment, or you cancel and pay all the remaining monthly payments at once.

We move on to the cancellation of a Free fixed internet offer from now on. The ISP does not sell any subscription with a commitment period, so you don’t have to pay any monthly payments after your line has been disconnected. Be careful however if you are a Freebox Delta customer, you may still have to pay part of your TV Devialet player according to the formula you have chosen. Keep this in mind when terminating.

The exception comes as on mobile from the Veepee private sales, which generally impose an undertaking of 12 months. If this is the case and you wish to cancel before the end of the one-year period, you must then pay the remaining monthly instalments. If you have been a customer for 10 months, you must pay for the remaining 2 months.

Free also charges 49 euros for closing line. This is a fixed amount that is charged to all subscribers, regardless of their offer. Please note that if you leave Free for another Internet Service provider you can negotiate with your new operator to pay the closing costs of €49.

How can I avoid paying termination fees?

As required by law, Free agrees to waive termination charges in certain cases, both on mobile and fixed-line Internet. These are called the legitimate reasons for termination without charge, of which we list the main ones below. You must contact Free’s customer service department to take advantage of this exemption. Then, once the latter has validated your request, you must attach the supporting documents required in your case to your cancellation request sent by registered mail (see above).

  • Moving house: if you change your place of residence and it is not covered by Free (including foreigners). If you are moving to a third party who already has a telecom offer, you must provide proof of residence, a certificate stating that they are your host and their Identity card
  • Loss of Employment: if you have been dismissed or after a conventional termination, you may request not to pay a termination fee. The operator may, however, refuse the reason for loss of employment in the event of resignation.
  • Health problem or disability: You must prove that your physical or mental condition no longer allows you to use Free’s services. Long-term hospitalization also makes it possible to start the procedure.
  • Death: the family of the deceased may cancel their subscription at no charge upon presentation of a death certificate or a copy of the family record book, if it is up to date.
  • Over-indebtedness: To prove your situation, you must provide proof of the over-indebtedness commission or a letter from the Banque de France.
  • Imprisonment: A sentence of imprisonment of more than 3 months in a penal institution gives the right to terminate without charge.
  • Problem with portability: If the process failed when changing operators, you have 12 days to request a free termination of the contract.
  • Non-functional service: if you do not have access to internet or telephony 30 days after receiving the subscription confirmation letter, or if a malfunction is noted 30 days after the box is installed.
  • Price increase or decrease in services: If Free increases the price of your subscription, withdraws features or modifies your contract to reduce the value for money of its offer, then the customer is entitled to request termination without charge.

There you go, you know everything! As you can see, cancelling your Free subscription can be complicated depending on the situation you find yourself in. The simplest way to do this is to ask your new supplier to help you with the administrative procedures and even with the payment of the cancellation fee. Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom will be very happy to have succeeded in taking a customer from Free.

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