Free: for Rsilier, Has Become More and More Complicated

Free Mobile extends 4G to its low cost

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Previously accessible, the cancellation procedure to be initiated when you wish to terminate your Freebox subscription has become more delicate.

If in the past cancelling your Freebox package was almost child’s play, those days seem to be over. As revealed by the specialized site Freenews, Xavier Niel’s operator no longer allows to cancel his Freebox subscription so easily. From there to suspecting the operator of wanting to retain its customers, it’s only a step away.

And suddenly the cancellation address disappears

A few days ago a Free customer wishing to terminate his Freebox package simply had to go to his online subscriber area, go to the “My Subscription” section, then “Cancel my subscription”. With just a few clicks, it could generate a standard termination letter to be sent to the operator.

This section of the subscriber area no longer offers this possibility. Instead, you have to deal with links of procedures adapted to special cases, such as a change of offer or a move. What seems most disturbing, as Freenews points out, is that the address to which the cancellation letter is to be sent no longer even appears.

Only solution: contact the Subscriber service by telephone

From now on, Freebox subscribers who want to cancel their package must use their phone to access : “Contact the Subscriber service on 32 44 (including calls from a Freebox line), choice Information about cancelling your subscription to find out the address to which you should send your cancellation letter. Cancellation is not possible in Free Center“, says the subscriber area. The General Terms and Conditions of Subscription (GTC) dated 4 December 2018 also do not indicate the address for cancellation.

So all that’s left to do is call 32 44, definitely. To avoid additional costs, it is best to call from a line linked to the operator. Freenews tells us that during the call, will have to provide various elements such as his identifiers and verification of his identity. For a vulgar termination address, that seems like a lot.

An unreachable termination service

On the telephone, the telephone adviser invites our colleague from Freenews to be patient while he passes on his call to the appropriate department. Except that… after a three-minute wait, the caller returns to the same call centre, which tells him that “termination service is not reachable“. The Freebox subscriber insists and when he says he just wants to know the postal address, the refusal is imposed.

This case is reminiscent of another operator, SFR, which several months ago threatened certain employees with dismissal if they agreed to guide customers through the subscription termination process. And even if one case should not be made a generality, it is possible that a new termination policy may have taken the place of the old one at Free, which, in this case, would be a departure from what helped shape its success in the past.

The last known Freebox cancellation address is : Free Résiliations, C/O PUBLIDISPATCH, 6, rue Désir Prévost, 91 075 Bondoufle.

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