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Of course, we can’t all leave the house in a long, elegant…. dress, but in The Sims, anything is possible! (Except literally driving a car, but don’t get me started on that).

Whether it’s a costume party or a trip to the park, here’s our list of the most beautiful dresses your Sims will look great in.

10th Galaxy

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This beautiful dress is both unique and extravagant!

With a simple wrap at the neckline and a small and pretty bodice, the skirt of this dress really does everything to make this piece unique.

If you give this to an eccentric sim, perhaps a famous wizard or a royal vampire, I’m sure they’ll love it.

Available in 8 different colors, this ir7770 dress is a sparkling dream. Perfect for your own Cinderella story.

9. peach silk dress

Peach Silk Gown CC - Sims 4

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If your Sims need something to wear for a love day, or maybe just a summer garden party, this long peach-colored silk dress from CC Creator Rusty Nails is worth a try.

Available in 9 shades, my favorites are peach, as well as light green and soft white (maybe for a wedding on the beach in the summer?).

This dress can also suit your young sims, whatever the occasion. And with a strapless bodice with a deep cut neckline, it is both elegant and timeless.

8. valentina dress

Valentine Gown CC for The Sims 4

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Personally, I found it a bit unfortunate that most vampire clothes make your sims look like they haven’t shopped since the early 1900s.

They are vampires. They don’t age. What else are they supposed to do with their time but keep up with the latest trends?

This Pipco dress changes everything.

This simple but sophisticated dress has a deep-cut neckline and a dark and complex design. A good choice for parties at Uncle Vlad’s, if your Sims want to look young and modern.

7. figurative clothing

Painting Dress CC Preview for TS4

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This CC dress from Redheadsims is reserved for the wealthiest Sims who need to get ready for the red carpet and is available in 3 different color patterns, each of which looks stunning.

Both color variations are extremely unique. And true to their name, they make you feel like you just walked out of a painting.

The third color option is simple but beautiful red. Hence the question: why walk the red carpet when you can be red?

Ball gown 6th

Ball Gown CC - The Sims 4

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Beautiful, long, silky and beautifully detailed. This Elfdor strapless dress is everything you want in a ball gown!

This dress has a super cute design, with a classic neckline and a timeless floral pattern.

It also comes in 50 patterns, so there’s a color for every Sim.

5. Katin’s dress

Katinka Dress CC - Sims 4 Preview

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Not all Sims are the same. And their wardrobe is not the same either!

Too often I see CC dresses with the same strapless, deep-cut neckline and skirt cut out at the side.

And as beautiful as these dresses are, some Sims just want something classic.

That’s where the creation of Syfix comes in.

Featuring a cute Maxis match design, 16 patterns and a classic silhouette, this dress fits your game perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you have just the base game or an expansion!

4. lava dress

Lava Gown Miss Universe CC The Sims 4

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Wow, this lava-inspired dress is sexy!

With such a beautiful design, this amazing MSSIMS dress looks like nothing I’ve seen before.

The colors red, orange and black, combined with revealing clothing and intricate details, create a super sexy look.

See what you can do when you take this baby out for a night on the town.

3. amanja dress

Long Amanha Gown CC - The Sims 4

Refer to this CC

When it comes to a classic sexy look for your vamp, or perhaps for your 21st birthday as a goth girl, look no further than this sensual and sleek design.

The Amanha dress from the creator of CC Mably Story combines a simple look with some extra-sexy elements like cutouts, close-fitting styling and mesh inserts. All this to make your sim look like a tease!

Although this dress is somewhat exclusive, not everyone can recreate this look.

With at least three different colors, it’s a bit more versatile. So even Sims who prefer bright colors can enjoy this dress!

2. rococo dresses

Olden-Style Rococo Gowns CC for The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 is a great game. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be reading this.

But you can’t deny that there are things missing from this game. For example, cars and Time travel

But don’t worry! We can be grateful to SS designers like SSTS for creating this beautiful dress that allows us to discover fashion from different eras.

These beautiful rococo dresses are perfect for all those who want to go back in time and attend a fancy ball. I love those big ball gowns. And now your sim can too.

Available in two different styles, each with 50 designs, the variety here means you could probably transform the entire city into the Paris of the 1760s!

1. dress exantis

Exantiz Gown and Acc - Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

Mhaps Store is one of my favorite CC manufacturers. And this dress is one of my favorites because it is so bold.

I always feel that many of the clothes in the game are too modest for some Sims.

This barely defeated burgundy beauty is therefore to die for!

The detail of this dress is not much more than necessary. But it’s part of its charm.

A sparkling dress for any red carpet event or fancy party.

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