Forza Horizon 4


A great game, it is a perfect continuation of Forza Horizon 4.

The only flaw I find in it is the lack of cars in Edinburgh, which is a bit of a ghost town for that matter.

Turns beautifully in 4K60 High at 60 Fps stable (4K60 Ultra at ~55 Fps) with a 1070 non-TI and a 7700k.

It brings a number of new features to the Horizon saga, either improvised or taken directly from Motorsport 7, such as the drift suspension allowing wide-angle riding. Many cars are taken directly from Motorsport 7 as well, to our delight for the quality, like the RS6 for example which is wonderfully well modeled. The interior view without steering wheel also comes from Motorsport 7 and is a success to play with a steering wheel!

Little hiccup on the car noises, some are absolutely not realistic, some are simply copy/paste of other vehicles, good with a sweater of more than 500 car packs included, it’s not *too* serious.

I have more than 400H of play between FH3 and FM7, no crashes (absolutely none). I had the problem of the FH3 update including DevOpus which corrupted two of my three Microsoft accounts, I had to restart two saves at once, but it wasn’t a big deal. I have both games in Play Anywhere, so I play a lot on One X as well. The SLI not being compatible with Windows 10 games in DX12 (the ones in the store), I didn’t have a crash either (just a graphic card that wasn’t active).

For me the only problem with the blind is that I have to download 170GB at each formatting (FH3 + FM7).

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