Our Community Charter

1. Participate in discussions

We encourage everyone to express their ideas on topics of interest to them, and to share their expertise on a particular topic with the community at large.

2. Share your knowledge

Whether you are an expert or a passionate amateur, share your knowledge with other members of the community to enrich the level of expertise of the articles.

3. Share your ideas

Give your opinion in support of what you say and be open to the ideas of other community members, even if they are radically different from your own.

4. Be tolerant

Whether you are a professional or amateur writer, an expert or passionate reader, you need to be tolerant and help each other.

5. Stay courteous

Especially when you disagree, criticize ideas, not people. Avoid at all costs insults, attacks and other judgments about the form of messages.

6. Publish useful messages

Each participation is intended to enrich the discussion, so personal moods should not be allowed to interfere with the flow of the exchanges.

7. Take care of your handwriting

Use punctuation, forbid SMS language and capital letters, read yourself again in order to correct some typos and French mistakes: too many mistakes do not commit you to read the message or to answer a question.

8. Respect the legal framework

Do not post content that is disrespectful, racist, homophobic, obscene or that promotes radical political or religious views. Do not use multiple user accounts.

9. Do not promote

Do not use a discussion to advertise a product, service or even your personal website.

10. Do not plagiarize

Express only your opinions or share ideas by quoting your sources.