Fortnite: Chapter 2’s Best Skins

Battle Royale is no longer just a game, it’s a cultural phenomenon.

And as with most free-to-play games, the appearance of your character in the game is an important part of that culture. Thanks to the game’s imagination, skins can be as strange and wonderful as Epic Games can think of. And so far, they’re very funny. From Olympic skiers to superheroes to creepy gingerbread men, Fortnite skins are a colorful and engaging collection of crazy ideas.

Skins are only available as Battle Pass rewards or via V-Bucks, which, if you’re not playing Fortnite PvE Save The World are only available if you buy them with real money.

Leather is not always available either. The store changes daily, and some event skins disappear for good after a while. So hurry up if you want something that gets you noticed.

If you’re having trouble choosing a skin for yourself, here are some of our favorites that have been released so far.

British Bombardier

Image by Epic Games

A classic leather, Brite bomber isn’t too crazy, it’s just a cool outfit. Pink hair with unicorn images is a strong look to wear on the battlefield, but it doesn’t attract much attention. However, there are only 1200 V-Bucks in the merchandise store, and Brite Bomber regularly appears on sale, so it’s a solid choice.


Image by Epic Games

Is this a Halloween costume that can be worn year round? Some kind of hairy dino subculture that exists in Fortnite? We’re not sure. But Rex, or Reptar as fans call him, is one of many highly detailed legendary skins that rotate through the item shop at regular intervals. Scaly, Rex’s backpack that looks like dinosaurs, is also a nice bling on the back to complement the other skins.

Glitter Specialist

Image by Epic Games

The glitter specialist is a beautiful skin. Again, the details are wonderful. Arm tattoos, makeup, gloves – it’s a look. Of course, if you don’t already have a glitter specialist, you probably won’t be able to either: It was a level 56 prize as part of the Battle Pass Season 2.

Tomato head

epic game image

Tomatohead is probably the loudest courier you’ve ever seen. Not only is he muscular, but he wears sturdy boots and shin guards. If you try to get a tip, you’ll be surprised. Special Delivery Back Bling is one of the best, like you could turn any skin into a courier.


epic gameplay

Catalyst, introduced in season 10 of the Battle Pass, is an awesome cyberpunk skin. The outfit is very detailed and is a nice reward for purchasing the pass, as it is unlocked at level 1. This skin alone prompted many people to buy a Battle Pass, and it’s still viral in Chapter 2.


Image by epic games

One of the latest additions, the animated Astra skin, was introduced at the very end of the 2019 Shooting Stars set. The galactic look of the skin shows that the stars and constellations change as you play, meaning you’re always looking at something new. There’s a reason for that. It’s not of this world!

Cuddly toy Group Leader

epic game image

The leader of the hugging group makes an impressive assessment. He’s both cute and scary, depending on how you look at him. Give him the crazy back bling of a gun or an explosive, and that unmistakable face begins to resemble the features of a madman.

Gum horseshoe

epic game

Gumshoe was added to Fortnite in early July 2018, and as far as themed baskets go, he has a pretty awesome look to call his own. First, she looks like a private detective, like she’s out of a film noir. Not to mention that female characters in Fortnite didn’t look stylish until Gumshoe appeared. This skin closes the gap, making it an important choice for any player.


Image by epic games

Niteritis may be an uncommon skin condition, but don’t judge it by its rarity. Along with their Liteshow counterpart, these two skins are by far the coolest Uncommon outfits ever released. Unlike Save the World and the military theme found in most Uncommons, Nitelite is a standout on the battlefield, especially when she uses the Dance emote at night.


epic gameplay

Pili is a simple idea, well executed. Banana suits are staples of fashionable parties, so why not incorporate them into one of the world’s biggest games? It also serves a practical purpose, as the top of the banana peel makes it difficult for enemies to know where your head is, even with their eyes. That’s certainly attractive. It was available during the Season 8 Battle Pass, but may return in the future.


Image by Epic Games

How can we forget Raven? Loved by new players and veterans alike, Raven is a skin to be feared. This outfit is a favorite of many, in part because of Raven’s menacing appearance and all-black outfit. Be careful, it’s hard to get him out of the shop, he’s only been in five times since he was released. But as far as legendary skins go, Raven is a must.

John Wick

epic game image

We had the Reaper, a Keanu Reeves lookalike in a black John Wick suit. It was great, and the best (and probably only) imitation of the skin of a famous movie character available in the game. With the exception of May 2018, Epic added a real deal to promote John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum. This means you no longer have to accept fakes. Although it was a promotional skin, it still appears regularly in stores.


Epic games image

Objectively speaking, Visiter is cool. That’s a fact. Available to players who complete the Season 4 Blockbuster missions. The visitor has science fiction armor and even a customizable mask. This means that players can put a crosshair on their face, turn their head into a document camera, or just walk around with a grin and poke around from a distance. The choice is yours, and that’s what makes the Visitor a good choice.


epic game image

There’s something so cool about Zoey. Maybe it’s her hair color, her outfit, her name, or all those things together. But either way, Zoey is weird, and that makes her one of the best skins in Fortnite, especially when it comes to playable female characters. If you got it as a reward for a combat job, wear it with pride wherever you go, even if it’s relatively common on the battlefield.

Procurement lawyer

epic game image

He’s a man in a chicken suit doing his best to protect your chickens. There’s not much else to say about it, but leather is sometimes available in stores, so if you want to look good, you don’t have to wait too long.

Bone imbalance

Image by Epic Games

The Squad Skull pack contains four very cool Halloween-themed skins. The best set, however, is the ace-shaped Bone Ravage set, with a deadly skeleton setup and feather accessories.


epic game photo

What happens when you take one of the cutest and funniest things about Christmas, give it a package and put it in a uniform? You will receive the glorious Snomando. Available as the first reward in the transaction: Snowdown, this festive skin will give your opponents goosebumps.

Fish fingers

Image by epic games

Koi is a fish that is often mocked, but there is nothing to mock in this skin except its stupidity. The fish stick skin available in the fish food kit is unique in its humanoid form and appears regularly in stores, so you too can swim like a fish on land and in forts around the world. There is also a very rare world cup style that was only available for a short time in 2019, so you can stand out even more.


Image by Epic Games

What is the meaning of being human? Hers is soft and pale and has a head the size of a melon. It won’t be long before your enemies crush you under the weight of their mighty fortress. But Keith’s not human. Basically, it’s a bit of a transformer and a bit of a powerhouse. Keith is available during season 13 and is probably the coolest skin Fortnite has ever created.

Ana Valens contributed to this article.

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