Followed Mail, Signature or Not ??


Liability of De Post-La PosteDe Post-La Poste shall, except in the event of fault on the part of the sender or the addressee, force majeure, inherent defect or any other element notattributable to De Post-La Poste, compensate for the loss or damage of a letter item Max.  The amount of compensation for the Letter Max will depend on the format of

the chosen prepaid envelope. In the event of loss or damage to an item Letter

Max, the sender will be compensated 11€ on the MAX 1 format, 13€ on the

MAX 2 format, 16€ on the MAX 3 format and 23€ on the MAX 4 format.

  In the event of non-compliance with the provisions relating to the content of the consignment,

Swiss Post shall not be liable for loss or damage.

  Swiss Post is in no way liable for indirect or

immaterial damages such as loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of chance,

image damage.

  Swiss Post is not obliged to pay any compensation in the event of late delivery


Claims and Limitation of Liability

Liability claims arising from loss or damage

to a Max Letter are time-barred within one year from

following the day of pick-up of the mailing.

  The sender can make a complaint in writing to a postal contact point, or on

the website of La Poste, _COPY19∗∗ from the “Write to us” section. The

claim must be substantiated and accompanied by supporting documents, in particular a photocopy of the

detachable sheet of the tracking label. The implementation of the claims procedure does not suspend the one-year limitation period.

If the sender is not satisfied with La Poste’s response or if there is no response within two months of the

submission of the complaint, the sender may refer the matter in writing, together with the documents in the file, to

Médiateur du groupe La Poste – 44 boulevard de Vaugirard – CP F407 – 75757 PARIS CEDEX 15.

 And the compensation is for the sender, not for you (logically you don’t have to pay for something you didn’t receive, make arrangements with the sender).

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