Fly TOGETHER! Review (Nintendo Switch)

TOGETHER!’ is a new game for the Nintendo Switch that lets you play with up to four players, at home or on the go. This simple, pick-up-and-play title is perfect for parents and children who want to play together, or as a quick, competitive game for friends to enjoy. The game is a series of short challenges to fly through rings and collect coins, with the game ending after the player completes five challenges.

Fly TOGETHER! is a new platformer Originally released on the Nintendo Switch and it’s the perfect game to play if you like challenging yourself to get as far as you possibly can. Each level features a variety of unique obstacles designed to frustrate even the most seasoned players, and the game’s minimalistic and satisfying aesthetic makes it easy to get pulled back in time and time again.

The game: Fly together!
Genre: Puzzle, Action, Multiplayer, Party
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer | Publisher : Northplay
Age Classification: USA E | EU 3+
Price : US $15.99 | UK £13.49 | EU €14.99
Release Date : 29. April 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Northplay.

FLY TOGETHER! – is the sequel to Northplay’s award-winning Conduct TOGETHER! game, which we reviewed and you can read about here. In Fly TOGETHER! players fly in a race against time to get passengers to their destinations by plotting flight routes and avoiding collisions in increasingly complex puzzles.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

in the air!

This is a multiplayer game for 8 players in battle mode. You can also fly alone, as I did, as Paula without a companion. And if you have gaming friends, you can give them the Joy-Con and they can play the extended campaign as co-pilots. Execute contracts, expand your airport and assemble a growing fleet of aircraft.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

Your goal is to transport passengers and get them to airports of a certain color – red, blue, yellow or purple – within a certain time frame.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as. B. Wind currents and trajectory, because you don’t want turbulent flight, and you certainly don’t want your plane to collide with another player’s plane.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

Transition to more modern aircraft

You start each level with 2 planes. First of all, use the plane that the game provides you with. But as you play and earn coins, you can buy different planes and add them to your airport. You can expand the airport by creating more space to buy more planes. Aircraft have different characteristics.g. B. some can carry more passengers than others because of their speed or landing speed. Other planes fly faster, but don’t carry as many passengers.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

When transporting passengers to and from the relevant colored airport, you must avoid certain hazards. Like I said before, it’s not a good idea to crash your plane into a mountain or another plane. If you crash and your plane explodes into a giant fireball, you get another plane to take its place, but you lose valuable time in the level.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

From single player to multiplayer

I had a lot of fun with Fly Together! the single player game is great and you can replay the levels if you didn’t get 3 gold stars the first time. I played against the AI, which is the closest thing to a multiplayer game. You can customize the multiplayer game to your needs by setting the time limit, the point limit and the bonuses you want to use.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

Additional features include a shield to protect your aircraft, the Toronado, which can be placed in the flight path of enemy aircraft. The bonuses appear on the field and you can fly over them to pick them up. They are great fun and add extra difficulty and tactics to the game.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

Aids and visual controls

I love the visualizations of FLYING TOGETHER! Bright, fun and colourful, what more could you want from a multiplayer party game. The music is just as fun and entertaining as the visuals that complement it all.

There are many different environments to see and traverse, from deserts to snowy plains and much more.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch

Flying Together! is done in different ways. You can use the touch screen, which works pretty well. Using the Joy-Cons connected to the Switch also works very well. You can also use the motion control with one Joy-Con.

I found that the motion controls worked surprisingly well, much better and more intuitive than I expected. Thanks to Northplay for making the motion controls work so well. I prefer to control the game via the touch screen in single player mode.

Flying together, test on Nintendo Switch


FLYING WITH YOU! – is a very entertaining game, I think if you play it with a group of friends, everyone will laugh heartily.

I enjoyed the game and the difficulty of the game in the later levels.

Final Judgment : I like


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