Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Flags To Fly At Half Staff For Rush Limbaugh –

PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis plans to honor the late conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh by lowering the state’s flags halfway.

Governor DeSantis began a press conference Friday morning in West Palm Beach about Palm Beach resident Limbaugh. “I know they are still working out the arrangements, but what do we do when there are things of this magnitude, as soon as an internment date is announced for Rush Limbaugh, we are going to throw flags at half the state,” DeSantis said.

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Limbaugh died on February 17 at the age of 70, a year after he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. He was an unwaveringly conservative, fiercely partisan, energetic and more than life-loving individual.

However, it does not appear to be part of the protocol for the lowering of the state flag.

According to the Governor’s Flag Protocol, state flags must be flown at half-mast upon the death of a prominent U.S. government official, such as a president or former president, Vice President retired Supreme Court justice, or the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The protocol also provides that state flags may fly at half-mast when a Supreme Court justice, secretary of the executive branch or member of the military, a former Vice President of the United States or a member of the Florida Congress is present. The Governor may also order the flag to be flown at half mast when an officer of the Florida Government or a member of the Florida Armed Forces dies while on active duty, in addition to prominent current or former officers of the Florida Government and law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty, as well as other elected officials of the state and local elected officials.

Limbaugh was often accused of bigotry and blatant racism, but he could often proclaim the Republican platform better and funnier than any party leader who became a GOP general.

Rush Limbaugh, an influential conservative radio host, died February 17, 2021, from complications of lung cancer. He was 70 years old. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Former President Trump received praise from Mr. Limbaugh and presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award, in a State of the Union address last year. On Wednesday, Trump praised Limbaugh on Fox News as a “legend” who fought to the end.

In a statement released Wednesday, the DeSantis administration said that “the rush has shattered a media landscape where a handful of media outlets served up pre-packaged liberal stories.” It also called Limbaugh “the goat – radio, conservative media, and an inspiring and loyal army of American patriots.

@FLCaseyDeSantis and I are saddened to learn of the passing of Floridian and our friend, Rush Limbaugh. My statement ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/L4GuZZNhfy

– Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) February 17, 2021

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On Fox & Friends on Thursday, DeSantis thanked Limbaugh for helping him reach voters and win the governor’s race. Democrats, including a potential opponent for 2022, were not happy about the news of the flag being taken down.

“DeSantis drops Florida flags for Rush Limbaugh halfway across the state. But he had no words for Congressman John Lewis. Priorities,” Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried tweeted Friday.

@GovRonDeSantis drops Florida flags at half-state for Rush Limbaugh.

But he had no words for Congressman John Lewis.

Priorities. https://t.co/ZdYsCkaorP

– Nikki Fried (@nikkifried) February 19, 2021

Freed is the only Democrat in federal office. Earlier this week she released a video of DeSantis calling on a Republican to quit amid a coronavirus pandemic and recognizing Donald Trump

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Although she has not nominated DeSantis for governor in the next election, she has generated further speculation and perhaps some excitement in the Democratic community given the possibility of running against DeSantis.

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