Five biggest NFL busts in the history of Cleveland


The Cleveland Browns have no shortage of busts in their history. This list can only be completed with quarterbacks. Like many quarterbacks that were used for the Brownes, there are many other stones from other positions that were terrible.

Let’s crush the five most prominent NFL chaps in Brown’s history.

5. Brandon Weeden, 2012, first round, election 22.

When the Browns chose Brandon Weeden in the first selection round of 2012, he already wore the full bust, but they wanted him anyway. He was 28 years old when the Browns drafted him; after a lousy baseball career, he sent him back a few years.

At his first start with the Browns, he built four interceptors. After that disaster, the grass never became greener. In two seasons, he started 20 games against the Browns before the team decided to leave him.

4. Bobby Garrett, 1954, first round, first election.

After graduating from college, Bobby Garrett was voted best quarterback in the concept class in 1954, but his potential was never realized. Just six months after his hiring, the Browns sent him to the Green Bay Packers because Garrett suffered a stutter that made it challenging to name NFL games.

The Browns brought back quarterback Babe Parillie, who had never played a significant role in the NFL. It was just the beginning of Brown’s awful quarterbacks.

3. Johnny Manziel, 2014, 22nd round of elections.

Johnny Manziel attracted a lot of attention when he joined the Browns, but it wasn’t perfect for the NFL. Manzel was a fan, but that didn’t lead to good results on the field.

In two seasons, he played 15 games with the Browns, starting with only eight. He was at the centre of the investigation into domestic violence, and in March 2016 the team succeeded him. Manziel tried to return several times, including through the CFL, but never returned to the NFL.

2. Justin Gilbert, 2014, first round, election 8.

In the past ten years, the Browns have rarely been in the draft for the first round, and in 2014, with their eighth election, it wasn’t so bad. The Browns have chosen Justin Gilbert. Joe Hayden was on one side of the field, and Gilbert had to line up on the other side and block the second.

The first ten models for 2014 had many good choices, of which Gilbert was the worst. In two years Gilbert only made three starts with Browns, after which the team decided to continue.

1. Mike Junkin, 1987, first round, election 5.

The Browns had to choose the design in the first round of 1987 because they dreamed of winning the championship. Instead of the design, they tackled the design hard, and this could be one of the main reasons why they were unable to complete the work.

Dschungkin wanted to be a starting lineman as a rookie, but he fought so hard during training camp that he lost his job before the season began.

Brown’s coaching staff was still hoping for Junkin and kept pushing him in that direction, although he probably shouldn’t have done it.

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