Fire Emblem Heroes: Nintendo dares a monthly subscription which triggers colre of players

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Nintendo launches a monthly subscription for its mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes, which is already earning it a lot of money.

Nintendo has struck again. A few months ago, people were pointing the finger at Mario Kart Tour’s monthly pass, which costs 5.49 euros. During a video presentation broadcast on February 1st, we discover that the manufacturer will continue to plunder wallets, this time with Fire Emblem Heroes, its real goose with golden eggs. As of today, you can subscribe to a Feh Pass for 11.49 euros per month.

For this very large sum, subscribers will be entitled to a whole host of bonuses, such as cosmetic items for heroes (with a stats boost as a bonus…) and exclusive quests. More importantly, Feh Pass gives access to gameplay enhancements that may seem unfair to those who don’t pay a penny in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Nintendo dares a monthly subscription which triggers colre of players

Fire Emblem Heroes Monthly Pass // Source: YouTube Nintendo

Nintendo dares to charge more than €10 for a mobile game subscription

In addition to the exorbitant price charged by Nintendo (double the price of the much-criticised Mario Kart Tour Feh Pass), this Feh Pass is causing the ire of the community because of its impact on gameplay. Thus, fans who spend money can go back one lap or benefit from the auto-start feature (possibility to automatically restart a game, as long as the stamina allows it). These advantages, designed to improve gameplay comfort, improve the statistics of its characters, which can have consequences on competitive modes. Worse, they are demanded by the community and could simply have been added by a simple update on the occasion of the three years of the title.

On Twitter, we can already see the discontent of the players, who are campaigning for the two improvements made to the gameplay to be free of charge. Some already fear the pay-to-win syndrome, which allows the richest to triumph more easily. “Pay-for-play to have gameplay comfort features that should be basic? Seriously, it’s very low, even for you [Nintendo]…“, said one user who summed it up very well.

The fact is that Fire Emblem Heroes literally carries Nintendo’s mobile segment. According to recent figures from SensorTower, the game based on the Gashapon machines has raised $656 million since its launch. It is far ahead of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ($131 million). No doubt the Japanese firm thinks that people will be ready to drop a few euros a month to continue to fill its bank account, even if the offer is to be deplored.

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