Final Fantasy 7 Remake: a Gameplay That Revolutionizes the Original Gameplay

The E3 is in full swing with its share of surprises. Ubisoft, for example, unveiled the gameplay for Watch Dogs 3. The Square Enix conference took place on Monday night from Monday to Tuesday. For the occasion, the Japanese development studio showed new images of the gameplay of its remaster ofFinal Fantasy VII,originally released in 1997. Her little brother will be born in March 2020.

A new way of fighting

During the conference, the studio confirmed that it would be the beginning of a series of several episodes. A start that will take place entirely in the Midgar area. So we can imagine that the other episodes will take place in different areas, always in the universe ofFinal Fantasy VII. Producer Yoshinori Kitase expressed his enthusiasm:

RedoFinal Fantasy VII allowed us to go much further than before in the world and its characters. The game design has been optimized for this title as well, and we anticipate two Blu-Ray discs that are worth the content of the gameplay. In this first game, we expand the story of Midgar in such an elaborate way that it has become a game in its own right.

The demo also shows us different fights from the original game From now on, the action scenes are a mix between strategy and real time. Each time you press square, Cloud will make standard attacks with his sword, which he can also use to block. But the main character of the game also has an ATB bar, which fills up as the battle progresses. Once the threshold is exceeded, you can activate the tactical mode which will put the fight in slow-motion, giving you time to use special attacks, spells, or just take time to think about the situation. We also learn that, for the most nervous, it is possible to avoid slowing down to perform actions thanks to shortcuts.

Players can choose who they want to play

The video also shows the possibility to change characters simply with a button. The gameplay shows a confrontation between Cloud and Barrett against a boss that forces the player to switch repeatedly to show the strategic potential of the two characters and their function in a battle.

The game was made so that players can choose who they want to play. I hope people will appreciate it.

In another trailer, Cloud is shown with Tifa in a similar example. Note that even when you don’t control a character, he continues to fight. This will revolutionize the way of seeing and playingFinal Fantasy VII. Now we just have to wait until March 3, 2020 to have the game in our hands, even though SQUARE ENIX has promised that more information will come in the coming months.

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