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on Titan took the host community by storm in 2013, and the series was a huge success from the start. In a world engulfed by gigantic humanoid horrors, humanity is enclosed behind massive walls. When these titans finally break through, a chain of events begins that gives humanity the chance to fight these giants. Immediately following the release of the anime, we were greeted by an exclusive 3DS game, Attack on Titan : Humanity is in chains. The game n’t work well due to the limitations of the 3DS, but now we see a game that works on the switch, and it’s more than powerful in delivering the audio-visual effects that fans demand. Attack of the Titan 2: The final fight should provide plenty of entertainment value.

Since I’ve never played these games, it’s easy to worry about the controls. The anime features characters moving around their vast surroundings using a device called Omni-directional mobility gear, which allows the user to connect to and move away from buildings or other objects. When you translate that into a game, you expect it to be pretty complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. There is a button that attaches to walls or nearby objects, and another button that allows you to charge with gas. The moves of this game are fantastic, they perfectly match the moves of the anime without being too complicated. A good comparison would be to swing the web in Spider-Man 2, except that this game also affects momentum. Depending on when you release the rocker button, you will be launched into the air or thrown forward at high speed. Not to mention that the levels of the game range from a huge city to huge forests, so you’ll always have fun swinging on the maps.

Despite the simplicity of the game, sometimes you have to play fast. The enemies you will encounter in this game are huge giants that can move quite fast. They can repair and cut certain parts of the body, but only the cut on the back of the head will kill them. Between holding a part of your body, your quick swing and swinging at high speed, you have to master the controls to be fully effective. And while Warrior games are best known for button mashing, this game requires a little more attention to how to get rid of enemies. In fact, you can do damage with your weapons by simply attacking randomly. Instead, you’re rewarded for skillfully taking out your enemies with perfectly timed attacks and cutting off a few extra limbs.

The game’s plot covers the first two seasons of the anime, but with a twist. Throughout the story mode, you can experience the adventure through the eyes of your character. However, the story never focuses on your character. They are only secondary characters in the overall plot, which is surprisingly well done in this game. The game uses complete scene movements to mimic parts of the anime, and they’re all in place. They’re not as detailed and descriptive as the anime, but honestly, it’s a great way to learn more about the story of Attack on Titan if you’re new to the series. The DLC Final Battle adds a new storyline that focuses on the plot of season 3, which just ended.

While the Episodic mode alone adds six to eight hours of gameplay, the DLC also offers a ton of other content that will drastically increase your play time. There are five new characters, two new weapon styles and a new play style. The latter allows you to fight other humans, where originally you could only fight the Titans. While this new addition is nice, it doesn’t add much to the game. It’s not as fun as fighting Titans, and they don’t add any new gameplay elements to make fighting other people a unique experience, which is a shame because it could have been a fantastic online mode. The base game already had many online modes, but none of them allowed you to compete against each other. There are modes where you can play the role of a Titan and fight other human characters, but none of them allow you to fight them as a human. If they focused on developing this feature, it could be a fantastic addition to the game, but in its current form it’s just very cumbersome.

Another mode has been added to the CSD, and this is what makes the CSD worth obtaining. Restoring the territory forces you to travel beyond the walls and into the desert to build your human faction and try to defend against the threat of the Titans. This is a very open mode that allows you to determine your own route. In this mode, you’ll meet up to 40 characters and hours of unique mini-missions. This is by far Dynasty Warrior’s most inspired mode in the game, and it’s a very welcome addition.

This game has a few flaws, such as the addition of human combat mentioned above, but this game does many other good things. The DLC is also very robust and adds a ton of new content and features that will greatly extend your play time. However, the DLC has a very serious problem that simply cannot be overlooked: pricing. Now, on one hand, the game and the DLC are combined for $60. That’s a lot, but on the other hand, owners of the base game will have to pay $40 for the CSD. This means that those who bought the original game for $60 will now have to pay an additional $40 for the CSD. It’s a bit extreme and it’s not the best way to thank those who spent $60 on the main game.

Attack of the Titan 2: Final battlefield overview
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 7/10
  • Gameplay – 8.5/10
  • Late Complaint – 7.5/10


Final thoughts : GOOD PAGE

Attack of the Titan 2: Final Battle is an excellent addition to the great anime presentation. The DLC offers a lot of extra content that will definitely add a few hours to the total game time. The DLC has a few flaws and is too expensive for those who own the original game, but there’s still a lot of fun here.

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