File a Complaint Online: First Overview of the System

Filing a complaint online will soon be possible: the mechanism is now part of the 2018-2022 programming and justice reform bill presented by Keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet to the Council of Ministers on Friday 20 April 2018. For the time being, it is only possible to access pre-complaints online, but travel to a police station is still mandatory. Six categories of offences may be reported online, all related to the safety of the Internet user

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You will indeed soon be able to file a complaint online. The Keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet has just presented on Friday, April 20, the bill for the 2018-2022 programming and justice reform. A 32-page document that confirms and somewhat clarifies the online complaint mechanism. The press kit provided by the Ministry states that “if they wish, victims will be able to file a complaint online. They will no longer be required to go to the police station or the gendarmerie brigade”. Further on, the document speaks of“complete digitization of the procedure – from complaint to judgment”.

Filing a complaint online: it’s getting clearer!

This new arrangement will be designed to relieve the workload“of the investigation services, prosecutors’ offices and departments”. Section 15-3-1 of the Bill specifies that the filing of a complaint must follow cases and procedures“prescribed by order”. It is therefore unlikely that it will be possible to make all types of complaints online. Filing a complaint online is a measure that has been awaited for several months. It was already mentioned in a January 2018 article.

Specifically, the complainant will have to fill out a form. A report will be generated from this information. At any time the victim can go to a police station to finish his complaint. In our previous article on the subject, six types of offences, all related to online security, were mentioned: e-mail or Bank Account hacking, online blackmail by a hacker or ransomware, scams and frauds linked to fake sales sites.





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