FIFA 21: How to complete FUT Future Stars Academy Wesley Fofana Objectives challenge

17th. In February, the FIFA 21 team launched the third challenge of the FUTBA Future Stars Academy 2021. The third challenger is Leicester City full-back Wesley Fofana. FIFA players were able to get their hands on the French player’s new 86 OVR. But, like the match between Rainier and Mark Cucurella, this match will go on.

Meeting the challenge of Wesley Fofana’s future starObjectives

To complete the challenge in its entirety, FIFA users must complete 12 different tasks. Some of these challenges also need to be addressed in Live FUT Friendly : A management achievement comparable to the Rainier Challenge.

To achieve these objectives, the following 12 targets are set:

  • Rising Star – score four goals with French players (reward: 78 OVR CB Fofana and 200 XP).
  • Man of Marseille – Assisted two goals with 78 OVR Future Stars Fofana (Reward: 75+ Rare Player and 200 XP).
  • Saint-Etienne Shield – Win three matches with 78 future OVR stars, Fofana, and at least four French players in your starting lineup (Reward: 75+ rank rare player and 200 XP).
  • A promising start – You didn’t miss more than one goal in four separate games against 78 future Fofana OVR stars in your starting lineup (82 Fofana OVR MDP awards and 200 XP).
  • Take action – score three goals with 82 OVR Fofana (reward: 75+ Valued Rare Player and 200 XP).
  • Midfield Management – Achieve your four goals with 82 future OVR stars in Live FUT Friendly : Manager’s Masterpiece (over 75 rare player awards and 200 XP).
  • He has risen through the ranks, supported by the 82 OVR Fofans in six separate matches in the FUT live friendly: Masterstroke by the manager (rewarded with 84 OVR CB Fofana and 200 XP).
  • Leicester Team – Win six live FUT friendlies: A masterpiece of management with 84 future Fofan OVR stars in the starting list (75+ Rated Rare Player and 200 XP Awards).
  • Premier Proof – Score eight goals from Premier League players in live FUT friendly matches: A masterpiece in management with 84 future OVR stars in your starting team (over 75 rewards for rare rating players).
  • French Fox – Help score three goals by lining up future stars with 84 OVRs in the live FUT friendly match : Manager’s Masterpiece (over 75 rare player awards and 200 XP).
  • Find Fofana – 16 different matches with French players in Live FUT Friendly : A masterpiece for managers with 84 OVR Future Stars Fofana in your starting team (75+ Rated Rare Player Awards and 200 XP).
  • Regular Player – Play 25 games with the Fofana Future Stars card in your starting lineup (Reward: 75+ rare player and 200 XP).

Players who complete all 12 challenges will receive 86 OVR Fofana cards and 200 XP.

This challenge will not be as difficult as Rainier’s, but it will still take time. And perhaps the hardest part of this challenge is finding Fofana, because not only do you have to grind out 16 games with Team 77 OVR, but you also have to score with the French players.

If you are looking for team building ideas to accomplish this task, here is an option for you:

  • The director is Zidane.
  • Training – 3-4-3
  • Team Total – 77 OVR
  • ST: Arsenal SV Alexandre Lacazette (83 OVR)
  • LW: Newcastle United Allan St Maximin (80 OVR)
  • RW: Qingdao Huanghai RM Romain Alessandrini (77 OVR)
  • LM : Whitechaps FC LM David Milinkovic (66 OVR)
  • RM : FC Nantes RM Marcus Coco (75 OVR)
  • LCM : Niort CAM Valentin Jacob (69 OVR)
  • RCM: Montpellier Junior CM Zambia (68 OVR)
  • LKB: Leicester City’s future star, QB Fofana (84 OVR).
  • CBI: PSG KB Abdu Diallo (78 OECS)
  • BCR : PSG RB Collin Dogba (75 OVR)
  • GK: Tottenham Hotspur GC Paulo Gazzaniga (77 IAB)

This challenge takes place on the 17th. Go away.

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