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The world of Eorzea is almost always teeming with life, but that doesn’t mean the materials used to build it aren’t finite. In fact, there are three types of lumber and logs in FFXIV: mahogany for furniture, maple for weapons, spruce for houses. It’s a vital resource which you’ll need to collect over time if you want your adventures to continue.

The “ffxiv rosewood log” is a resource that can be found in the FFXIV game. It is used to make furniture and other items.

Mahogany logs are pieces of timber that botanists with at least level 36 may collect from mature trees. Raincatcher Gully, a region in Eastern La Noscea, with mature trees that yield mahogany logs. To get here, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Teleport to Wineport’s aetheryte, and then
  • Make your way southwest to (X:19.1, Y:25.7).

The majority of the monsters in the nearby vicinity are level 32 cork bulbs.

They aren’t aggressive, so they should be OK with you going about your business.

However, there are level 33 Gigantoads in a nearby stream that will not be so kind if you enter their domain. To avoid any conflicts with these toads, make sure your “Sneak” skill is active.

Levequests, journeys, and enterprises are some of the other ways to get mahogany logs.

The most effective method to farm them is to take up your hatchet and harvest them manually.


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Retainer Requests for Mahogany Logs

You have the option of setting your retainer to botanist if you have botanist leveled.

Your current level in each given class is the highest your retainers can go in that class.

Having a botanist as a retainer allows you to send them out to collect materials that would ordinarily be found when logging or harvesting. Botany Exploration Ventures are what they’re called, and they let you choose certain objects for your retainer to gather.

When your retainer gets level 37 on botanist, you may start gathering mahogany logs.

Botany exploration expeditions take 60 minutes, however this may be cut in half by having retainers achieve even higher botany levels.

Retainers may bring back anywhere from 15 to 50 logs in that period, depending on their perception stat.

Voyages work in a same way, however instead of sending out NPCs under your control, a Free Company sends out an airship or an underwater submersible.

The “Sea of Ash 1” has a probability of gathering 20 to 21 mahogany logs for voyages sent there.

Both of these alternatives may help you get the most out of your agricultural efforts while enjoying the life of an adventurer in Eorzea.


Logs of Mahogany from Levequests


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Mahogany logs may be awarded as a prize for completing certain level 40 levequests.

These levequests may be assigned by one of two NPCs:

  • Whitebrim Front, Coerthas Central Highlands, Voilinaut (X:12.6, Y:16.8)
  • Gontrant in New Gridania’s Carline Canopy (Y:13.4, X:11.8)

Here’s a list of levequests that might net you mahogany logs:


  • A Powerful Combination
  • Are you ready for a rematch?
  • The Watershed Moment


  • Greenhorns’ Greenstone
  • It’s important to spin it as though you’re serious about it.
  • The Theocracy’s Arsenal

The carpenter class has access to all of these tradecraft levels.


Mahogany is used to make a variety of items.


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Mahogany logs are used in two crafting recipes, both of which belong to the carpenter class:

  • Interior Wall in Black and White
  • Mahogany Wood

You can make the “Interior Wall in Black and White” housing item if you like, but the primary use of mahogany logs is to craft Mahogany Wood.

The recipe for Mahogany Wood is learned as a level 39 carpenter, and it requires:

  • 5 shards of wind
  • 3 logs of mahogany

There’s also a chance of obtaining Mahogany Wood through treasure hunting with boarskin or toadskin treasure maps.

Mahogany Wood is used in numerous recipes for every Disciple of the Hand class (except for culinarian).

The Riviera Counter, for example, is a piece of furniture.

But Mahogany Wood can also be used to make other things like tools, weapons, and shields.

The total number of recipes is above 100, and you may view them all on this page.

But other than crafting, Mahogany Wood can also be used to complete the level 45 carpenter tradecraft levequest “You Do the Heavy Lifting”, which is given by our good friend Gontrant in New Gridania.

The “ffxiv yew branch ” is a type of wood that can be found in FFXIV. This wood is used to make Mahogany Logs & Lumber and is also used for crafting.

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