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game: FezGenre: Adventure, Puzzle, PlatformSystem : Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, iOS and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: Polytron Age Rating
: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $14.99 | UK £12.59 | EU €14.99
Release Date : 14. April 2021

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Back to 2012

It looks like Fez has the best of the game. I first discovered this game, Originally released in 2012, on the PS Vita, and since Sony clearly has no love for that console (or any of its older consoles), it makes sense that more and more of these old indie favorites are finding their way to the Vita’s spiritual successor, the Nintendo Switch How is it today in Fez? Let’s look around.

Go back to school to learn 3D.

Cute Puffball

You play as a cute little chubby character named Gomez who, during one of his daily walks in the 2D pixel-verse, discovers a giant golden hexagon that rips the fabric of space-time and reveals a third dimension. Gomez is also entitled to an alluring fez hat. Aside from being an underrated fashion accessory, it also seems to give the little hairball the ability to make the world go round.

Fez is a platform and puzzle game. There are no enemies to defeat. Just platforms to run through and small puzzles to solve with lots of exploration. If you fall and make a mistake, just return to the platform you were on.

Some platforms are quite tricky.

The graphics are fascinating with 8-bit pixels. Gomez looks adorable in a down jacket with his little fezh hat, and the environment is a nice mix of bright green settings, with little pixelated animals roaming around to add to the attention to detail. You’ll also explore areas where the graphic style changes, as it has in the past with the Game Boy and other 8-bit systems. There’s also a very soothing chiptune music score that punctuates the experience and is ideal for exploring.

Hi Pixel Owl

Easter egg hunt

The aim of the game is to collect these golden cubes or cube fragments to restore order to the universe. The levels are relatively small, and you move from one area to another through doors or portals. The game is essentially a giant Easter Egg hunt! Most shapes are discovered by examining the layers and navigating to the tops of the layers.

In addition to the simple gold cubes, there are also hidden blue cubes, which are usually found by solving puzzles, such as moving blocks or scanning QR codes with your (own) phone and entering them in the correct order – all good if you have a phone that allows it. In addition, there are some very difficult red cubes that require knowledge of binary code. Don’t worry, you don’t have to finish the game, but if you’re a finisher, you might not like all the absurd obstacles you have to jump through to find everything in this game. The idea of guessing what I’m thinking takes it to a whole new level that I’m not a fan of.

I enjoyed playing Fez in short 30 minute chunks, trying to find more rooms and move through the levels looking for new paths. A handy map lets you know which areas you’ve visited, where you’ve collected everything, and where you still have more to discover. You may not find any tasty eggs, but the more you hunt in Fez, the more you will discover. Maybe you just need a guide to find the tips.

dice collection

Pixel Perfect

As for the controls, Gomez can move slowly and jump. If you’re close to the edge of the platform, you can grab onto it and climb up, which is especially useful if you’re not sure you can jump. The movement was a bit steep at times, which made navigating the small platforms a bit difficult. You can also collect items like blocks and bombs to solve simple puzzles.

The main feature is the rotation of the world. Pressing the shoulder buttons gives you a different view of the level position. Usually, if you don’t know what to do, you just look at the level from a different angle. Not a bad life lesson either, well done Fez. This rotation system is easy to use and gives Fez a unique identity, even after all these years. We just need to be a little more careful not to get Gomez in trouble.

Good references to the Game Boy era.


Fez remains to this day a rather unique and original platform and puzzle game with a charming graphical loading style. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a casual experience, far from the skill and quick reflexes of other platformers. But if you’re someone who loves it 100%, you might need a guide to unlock all its secrets.

The Switch version of Fez offers nothing new, so there’s no reason to grab it twice if you’ve already played Fez on a previous system. But if you’re venturing into the game for the first time or suggesting it to a friend, keep that in mind.

Last block : I like it


How do you load…

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