Fate of the Empress: List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

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As of this writing, there are currently 30 redeem codes on the Fate of the Empress  website. Each code will give you a new card that you can use to upgrade or improve your existing cards. There is no guarantee that you’ll get a redeem code for the Empress card (or another rare card) after using a code. ~Slimebeast

The Redeem Codes are one of the most unique aspects of Fate of the Empress, and the most sought after by players. The Codes were introduced in the game during the initial launch, and unlike most games, they are not an integral part of the actual game play. Instead, the Codes are there for players to use for their own personal enjoyment and benefit.

Fate of the Empress is a new RPG for iOS and Android platforms that recreates the visuals and stories of ancient China. You can engage in palace intrigue, have one or more lovers, and work your way up to the highest noble position in the Forbidden City.

You can use redemption codes to get free bonuses, but the developers have made it unnecessarily difficult to find these codes, so even if you have codes you want to use, you’ll have to dig to find where to use them.

Discover the list of redemption codes, how to redeem them for free prizes, and where to find them in Fate of the Empress!

Knowing where to use redemption codes is almost as tricky as finding additional codes to use. Options and menus are gradually unlocked as you progress through the game, so keep playing until you reach level 16 or so. Then click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen.

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Click on the button with Bonus. Scroll through the tabs until you find the Refund Code tab. Enter the code by typing or copying and pasting it. Then confirm and submit the code to receive your free reward!

As for finding more code, social media is the best place to start, and this developer already has a presence on Facebook, so you can start there. Check out the official game or developer page, sign up for the newsletter to get the latest codes as soon as they’re released, and browse through the old mail stream to find codes you missed!

Check out other social media sites, especially Chinese ones, because that’s where the game was born. Other good sources are Instagram, Twitter, VK, TikTok and similar networks. Check all possible networks to have the best chance of finding unique and rare codes.

Go to subreddit for the game and look at all the threads, or at least the threads that deal with the codes. Most will come from other players asking for codes, but some will come from players handing out codes without invitation. Also check the answers to the questions, as they may have been answered by other players who have codes.

Streamers and Youtubers often get exclusive codes that the developer does not distribute on its social media pages. So be sure to check Twitch and YouTube for streams and videos that contain codes. Other streaming sources, such as Facebook live, can also be good sources for this.

Go to the Apple or Google app stores and check out the reviews other players have left about the game. Check out the reviews from newest to oldest, then grab the codes you find and try them out. Be sure to post any codes you have if you don’t already see them posted.

Currently, there are no codes available for Fate of the Empress, but that won’t be long, as this game is brand new and very popular, and the developers will be releasing codes soon. Keep an eye on this article, because as soon as we find the codes, we will post updates!

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