Farwoods – Roleplay-Focused, Redwall-Inspired Graphical MUD

A roleplaying game (or RPG) is a type of computer game in which the player assumes the role of an imaginary character and explores a virtual world. Roleplaying games typically use text based communication via keyboard or, more recently, voice chat.

Farwoods is a roleplay-focused, Redwall-inspired graphical MUD that has been around since 2008. It has a large playerbase and a lot of events. The game is set in the fictional world of Redwall Abbey and features many characters from the series. Read more in detail here: best mud reddit .

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At a glance: A free, early access graphical MUD centered on roleplaying set in a fairytale universe inspired by Redwall and Watership Down. Top-down pixel art tile-based visuals are out.

Hello there, everyone! Farwoods, the graphical MUD that our little independent team has been working on over the last two years, is now available. Our game is most closely akin to ancient classics like the original EverQuest and Ultima Online for MMO veterans. We want to build a single permanent living universe that your characters are a part of and that ticks forward inexorably even when you are gone from it, much like those games.


Our game and community are built on roleplaying. This isn’t a game where you play the Chosen One with tens of thousands of other people and follow a preset plot. With considerably fewer players, we want to build a world that seems significantly more expansive and vibrant. Our tale is the result of a collaboration between players and game masters, and it is unique and tailored to each character. It’s akin to a dozens-of-character tabletop roleplaying game.

This is a screenshot from the Open Alpha Assets of art are subject to change.

We’ve gone so far as to completely eliminate NPCs in order to achieve this aim. There are no task givers who are mechanical, no respawning creatures, and no scripted boss confrontations. The economy is fully controlled by the players, with a strong focus on social interaction and collaboration (or conflict). The mechanics of the game are meant to bring players together and encourage roleplaying. You are a part of this planet, and you must choose a position for yourself.

Sprites for a couple of the game’s weapons have been updated.

This is a large-scale undertaking that will need a large player base. However, the scope of our game is limited; experience and study show that we need to retain at least 40 continuous daily players for the game’s long-term health, which is well within our grasp. Naturally, the more the merrier!

We know that this is a niche game, but we feel that the individuals who suit that niche will find it indispensable. Come join our community and help us playtest our game if the escapism of leaping into a fairytale fantasy world and helping to shape its narrative as one of its characters appeals to you.

With two characters conversing in different languages, we get a peek into our linguistic system.

Here’s what you can look forward to in our game:

  • Grindless character advancement that grows your character simply on the basis of playtime, enabling you to do anything you wish each session while still progressing at the same rate. There are no levels or experience points; instead, skill points are earned at regular “intervals.”
  • Without the constraints of classes, a flexible stat/skill system lets you to create characters for any archetype you can conceive. Character qualities may be used to make characters stand out by balancing strengths and faults.
  • Housing and stores for players in the form of customisable “burrows” that each character may get on their ninth interval. Basic modification is free; however, extensive customisation requires the purchase of tools and furnishings from craftsmen.
  • In the service of roleplay, player-versus-player fighting is regulated by rules. We urge you to include villains and conflict in your tales as long as you retain good faith and maturity.
  • Characters are intended to specialize in just a few items and offer one link in a complete supply chain around which they earn their livelihood in a fully player-driven economy. Players will be able to create, barter, trade, steal, burgle, and even coin their own money.
  • Characters with aspirations and those eager to follow them and assist them achieve their aims formed organic factions. Burrows may be utilized as faction bases, and resources are dispersed over the landscape to allow individuals to claim territory.
  • Accessibility. We take accessibility seriously in the MUD tradition, and we want anybody to be able to play our game. We want to incorporate help for persons with hearing, vision, and physical limitations, however we are not quite there yet.
  • There’s a large open world to discover. We’re presently using a smaller, temporary map for our open alpha. Once we enter beta, we’ll gradually reveal sections of our wider map, which will include ancient civilization ruins, diverse biomes, and a plethora of locations to explore and resources to seek.
  • A warm and inviting community eager to teach you how to play the game and assist you in developing your character!

Character creation screen for Alpha. Changes are possible.

Farwoods’ website may be found at https://farwoods.net/. On the website, you’ll find guides and instructions, as well as additional screenshots.

https://discord.gg/kcStdHHuE6 https://discord.gg/kcStdHHuE6 Join the Discord Server to meet the rest of the community and take part in our playtesting sessions! The server is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although we consolidate our playerbase on Thursdays and Fridays.

FarwoodsGame is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/farwoodsgame On our Twitter account we offer videos and development demos!

Please feel free to ask us any questions in the box below! We’d be delighted to respond.

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