Far Cry 5 is the eleventh installment and the fifth primary name in the Far Cry series. It is twisted as hell and raised the bar far too high for many of us.

A preacher called Joseph Seed believes he was chosen to look after the people of Hope County from an “inevitable collapse” and determines Eden’s Gate. However, Eden’s Gate is a militaristic doomsday cult and Seed is a crazy bastard.  As sheriff’s deputy, we want to shake Seed from the insanity.

Currently, Ubisoft has released a new patch for Far Cry 5. This patch improves and fixes a lot, here are the complete patch notes:-LRB-********************)

1. New Additions

  • New Avatar Items added from the Character Customization
    • Special Outfits: Jess, Joseph Seed, Religion, Sheriff Whitehorse, Amita, Pagan Min
    • Masks: Clown, Panda, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Ball, Soccer Ball, Volleyball, Tennis Ball, 8 Ball, Golf Ball, Orange
  • New resources included in the Arcade Editor
    • Hours of Darkness static assets additional

2. Improved Access

  • Fixed a problem with Arabic font where a few letters were hard to read
  • Added a screen from the Shop menu to show just how much money you can get for selling loot

3. Stability & Performance

  • Fixed multiple low incidence crashes
  • Fixed some minor performance issues while driving in certain areas of the world
  • Fixed a problem where the game could be stuck on the transition screen when launching the map after finishing an objective

4. Missions

  • Fixed multiple low incidence walkthrough fractures
  • Various improvements to mission objectives and warning messages
  • Various fixes to specific Prepper Stashes
  • Fixed a problem where the participant would be unable to complete the assignment “Widowmaker” under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a problem where Silos ruined before beginning the assignment “Light’em Up” would sometimes not be counted toward completion
  • Fixed an issue where the rescue helicopter could leave with no participant in the assignment “The Cleansing”
  • Fixed a problem where the pursuit Wouldn’t fail if the player throws the defector’s body to the water in the assignment “Jumping Ship”
  • Fixed a problem where the participant could become stuck if he is hit by the airplane while liberating Fall’s End
  • Fixed a problem throughout the assignment “Paradise Lost” in which the objective marker would look very far away in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem where Willis wouldn’t enter his car during the assignment “Patriot Acts”
  • Fixed an issue where a “Warning! Leaving mission zone” message could appear incorrectly during the assignment “Turn the Tables”
  • Fixed a problem where the participant could not collect the rewards throughout the Prepper Stash “Holdouts” if the bunker lock is crushed before collecting the key card
  • Fixed a problem where the Prepper Stash “Swingers” wouldn’t complete if you were not using a grapple to reach the stash

5. Audio

  • Adjustments to information updates on car radios
  • Fixed a problem where the radio at the Wolf’s Den was playing on loop
  • Fixed a problem where GFH would interrupt themselves when riding in a helicopter
  • Fixed a problem where some sounds could be muted or muted when obtaining the Arcade through the liberation splash screens
  • Fixed an issue where some NPC conversation appeared out of context
  • Fixed a problem where the music never stops for the customer after finishing the assignment “Get Free”

6. Companion, Enemy & Animal AI

  • Fixed a few problems with NPC’s and Companions playing wrong dialogue
  • Fixed a problem with NPC’s dialogue overlapping while riding in a helicopter
  • Fixed a few problems with GFH icon priority
  • Fixed a problem where GFH could be damaged during specific liberation cinematics
  • Fixed a problem where two FFH would encounter each other when incorporating a newly recruited FFH to your roster
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes the skunk would play an improper strike reaction cartoon
  • Fixed an issue where some cartoons for Goats, Elk, Cattle and Sheep would play suddenly

7. Gameplay & UI

  • Fixes and upgrades to weapon balance & data
  • Fixed a problem where property vehicles would stop if they pass through shallow water
  • Fixed a problem where the player could spawn a locked vehicle in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem where the participant could be thrown into the atmosphere when picking up a dead person from the water
  • Fixed a problem with a wrong spawn point loading when using rapid travel. Fixed a problem where interaction buttons would occasionally flicker when the interaction pushes were deactivated
  • Fixed a problem where specific icons were not changing to the correct color when triggering color-blind mode
  • Fixed a problem where certain stock items would keep flashing if the stock was obtained
  • Fixed a problem where proximity explosives could burst early in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem with the cartoon when shifting between turret and driving position in certain ships
  • Fixed a problem where the critical health FX can persist through cinematics when triggering a cinematic at critical health
  • Fixed a problem where a spade Couldn’t be picked up if it is used to impale an NPC into a wall
  • Fixed a problem where not all text has been altered when changing subtitles
  • Upgraded the picture for the Cage Tutorial
  • Fixed a problem where the Protracted magazine superstar wasn’t appearing the weapon wheel to the 45/70 rifle

8. Coop

  • Fixed an issue where customer model would become stuck in ragdoll when interrupting a friendly NPC who had been reviving the customer
  • Fixed a problem in the assignment “Casualties of War” in which the doorways in the bunker May Not be replicated for a customer who joins the match after the assignment has begun
  • Fixed a problem where the customer could occasionally become invisible after liberating an outpost while in a vehicle mounted gun
  • Fixed a problem where the customer could sometimes not open the map after finishing the assignment “Prairie Oyster Harvest”
  • Fixed a problem where the participant would become stuck at a revive transition when a Coop spouse and GFH revived them in the same time
  • Fixed a problem where the customer could become stuck in spectator camera in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the bunker hatch could remain closed for the customer when joining a game during the mission “Patriot Acts”
  • Fixed a problem where control rumble didn’t always work for a server when falling

9. Arcade/PVP

  • Arcade menu flows have been reworked
  • Public and Personal Lobbies Are reworked
  • Additional text for webpage tabbing from the Map Browser
  • Player will now return to the Arcade Menu as Opposed to the Main Menu if they are idle for too long
  • The choice for voice chat has been inserted in Deathmatch
  • Fixes and upgrades to weapon balance & data
  • Fixed a rare crash when several host migrations would happen back to back
  • Fixed a replication problem for customers using ladders following a host migration
  • Fixed several problems where vehicles components are detaching on the client’s side
  • Fixed a problem where you would spawn with the wrong load out
  • Fixed the visual effects for exploding ammo crates
  • Fixed a problem where you’re unable to equip any weapons upon respawn if a host migration happened at the same time
  • Fixed a problem where the host could re-spawn with the final weapon that he was using
  • Fixed an issue where the download of this map could time-out
  • Fixed an issue where player names are missing after being killed once
  • Fixed a problem where you would have been muted automatically when linking a lobby
  • Fixed an issue where party member(s) couldn’t be un-muted
  • Fixed a problem where the group standing will be cut-off in Many languages
  • Extended the ‘pick a map’ and ‘voting’ timers
  • Repositioned the health/armor information on competitions for when you moved a given space
  • Fixed an issue where map snapshots would fully load before the voting timer stopped
  • Fixed a problem where the map you selected wasn’t taken into consideration
  • Switched the ‘map rating’ button rankings
  • Fixed a problem where helicopters and airplanes sounds would be stuck at a shooting loop when the driver was murdered

10. Arcade/Editor

11. Outfits

  • Fixed an issue where particular outfits with quivers would interfere with the participant’s field of view in certain scenarios


  • New mouse+keyboard controllers scheme for airplanes, available in options menu
  • Fixed issue with game freeze using Alt-Tab while bypassing cinematics
  • Fixed issue when sport Doesn’t display 100percent Story Progress for some players that completed campaign
  • Fixed a problem that caused problems with map selection by mouse in Arcade
  • Fixed issue with blocking input if linking Arcade during liberation cinematic of an outpost
  • Fixed various minor problems on multi-GPU configurations
  • Fixed various localization problems
  • Fixed minor rendering problems
  • Fixed various UI problems

The upgrade is available to download now. Stay tuned!