Falcons Not Ruling Out Selecting a Running Back in NFL Draft

Thomas Dimitroff Dan Quinn.


Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn shakes hands with General Manager Thomas Dimitroff.

As of Monday, Todd Garley will officially start tracking the Atlanta Hawks, but that doesn’t mean the Hawks don’t have enough young blood on the depth chart.

Currently the Falcons have many options in the running back position behind Gurley with Brian Hill, Ito Smith, Cadrey Wilson and Craig Reynolds. So, what exactly is missing from this sweet couple? Speed. Extraordinary speed.

Falcon general manager Thomas Dimitroff said that the team had not ruled out the possibility of finding another speed in the design, despite the fact that according to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure Garley remains explosive.

Thomas Dimitroff said the team did not rule out the possibility of a different speed in the design, despite the fact that Gurley was still explosive.

– 7. Vaulted mcclure (@vxmcclure23) April 2020

Garley may not be as fast as he was three years ago, but that comes with age and he goes into battle every week.

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Falcons associated with App State Running Back

Sokolov’s first priority in this year’s NFL project will be the back four, and this year Dimitrov plans to put more than one on the list. Then they examine the defensive tactics and adjust the edges.

They’ll have to wait until the third day to know which way they’re going. In several recent productions, however, Atlanta is associated with the Appalachian tail gun, Darrinton Evans.

According to thedraftnetwork.com, he’s a very dangerous threat.

Darryton Evans is an explosive runner with lots of juice and swaying hips, making him a dangerous threat in space with the ability to hit a home run. It is the ideal addition to the rear stables, which need a space player with a reverse turn. In this context, his blotchy vision and slow processing capacities pose certain problems that suggest that he will be exposed to a heavy workload that will affect him as an indoor driver. The narrow and heavy roads show Evans’ discomfort, and his ability to make contact is modest. Great playing potential is always welcome for the NFL team, but Evans is not without limits.

The fourth round of the Falcons is number 143. If Evans is still free, they won’t want him to beat them to it.

Do not sleep on Craig Reynolds

If the Falcons have a good depth back, there’s someone who hasn’t seen the field yet, Craig Reynolds.

He finished his academic career at Coottown University as the third runner at 2,650 shipyards and second runner at 5,277 multipurpose shipyards. The Redskins found him after college and he played three games for them before joining the Falcons.

A 23-year-old girl trained every day during the off-season to come back to fight for the reserve position.

In high school, Reynolds played both sides of the ball and ran with his back and a tight end. He said he was ready to play anywhere.

It’s a new year, new things can happen, I consider myself an athlete, if they [the hawks] ask me to do something, yes, I would do it.

The NFL needs more universal players like Reynolds. It proves that he is an athlete and that every player with that mentality should have a chance to play.

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