Facebook: User Numbers Drop for the First Time in France

[Facebook] The number of users of the platform should fall for the very first time in France, in 2019, according to eMarketer estimates.

[Updated November 27, 2019 at 5:00 pm]Experts have been pointing to the threat to Facebook for nearly two years now, namely the lack of interest in the platform among younger users. A lack of interest that will result, for the very first time, in a drop in the number of users in France and Germany, according to eMarketer estimates. The social network will have lost 1.3% of users in France by the end of 2019. The number will be reduced to 27.6 million Internet users The trend is expected to worsen to such an extent that, by 2022, there will once again be fewer French people on Facebook than outside it, according to eMarketer. While some are deserting the platform for services such as Snapchat or Tik Tok, many are actually staying in the Facebook galaxy, using WhatsApp or Instagram instead. In 2020, the number of Instagram users under 25 years of age will surpass the number of Facebook users.

Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is today the world’s most popular social network with nearly 2.32 billion active users each month. This network, which allows you to stay in touch with the people who matter in your life, as stated in its official motto, had nearly $40 billion in sales in 2017, mainly thanks to the advertisements that are broadcast within it.        

Facebook connection

Signing up to Facebook is easy and free. All you have to do is fill in your first and last name, age and gender. Then choose an email address and a password that will be used as login credentials. Once Facebook’s terms and conditions have been accepted, the user will be officially registered on the social network

Free Facebook

Why is Facebook free? Because you are the product, as the expression on the Net reminds us. Facebook lets you use its service for free and, in exchange, finances itself through the ads you are exposed to along the way. The platform also collects data relating to your use of its service, in agreement with the RGPD in Europe, to enable advertisers to send you personalised advertisements. For example, if you go to a fashion site, it is not uncommon to see an ad on Facebook a few minutes later highlighting the products you have viewed. This is called retargeting.

Contact Facebook

Before trying to contact Facebook’s customer service directly, feel free to go to the FAQ / Help Center page to see if the platform does not already communicate the solution to your problem in open access. What names are allowed on Facebook? Where can I access my Facebook settings? How do I change or reset my password? In this section, Facebook answers some of the questions that users ask themselves most often. The Social Network has also set up a help community in which users of the platform are happy to answer your questions. TheSupportsection will allow you to follow the progress of your exchanges with the Facebook after-sales team.

There is one last option, email. Facebook has several generic contact emails:

How to be invisible on Facebook

Some Facebook users don’t like receiving friend requests that come out of nowhere or embarrassing messages from long forgotten friends. Here’s how to stay hidden within the platform.

  • After clicking on the small arrow in the upper right corner, select Privacy. Click on the edit button to the right of each parameter and close. To achieve the highest level of privacy, open the drop-down menu and select Me Only. With this setting, only you will be able to see your future publications.
  • You can also prevent strangers from asking you to become their friend by choosing Friends and their friends from the Who can send you invitations to become friends menu.
  • You can also filter who can send you Facebook messages. Simply select Strict Filtering to prevent strangers from contacting you.
  • You can also make sure that people who have your e-mail or phone number can’t find you through this.
  • To stop people from typing your name into Google and getting a preview of your Facebook News Feed, make sure you uncheck the option Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to display your profile?

To find your friends on the social network simply enter their first and last names in the search bar. It used to be possible to find them through their phone number but Facebook deactivated this possibility in April 2018 because it was being used for malicious purposes. Alternatively, type this person’s first and last name on Google, followed by site:facebook.com.

© Facebook

The Facebook logo since July 2015. © Facebook

Facebook has always been associated with the blue of its logo. Any reason for the choice of color? Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind and that’s the color he sees best. The social network has had three logos since its inception. A first thefacebook logo in brackets, light blue on dark blue. But the company removed the particle the from its name after buying the domain name facebook.com in 2005 for $200,000. It therefore opts for a facebook logo in white lettering on a blue background. 

However, the company announced a major change on November 6. To make it clear that Facebook is no longer just a social network, facebook.com is adopting a new logo, animated and in capital letters, which will change from orange and fuchsia (the colours of Instagram) to blue and then green (like its WhatsApp service). We’re introducing a new logo and further differentiate the Facebook company from the Facebook application, which will keep its own brand,” Antonio Lucio, the US giant’s marketing director justified on the group’s newsroom. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are ads that are served on Facebook and partner sites and applications. Photos, videos, Carousel, Collections or Stories are all formats that are offered to advertisers. They also benefit from the power of the world’s most popular social network and the unparalleled targeting it provides thanks to the socio-demo data it collects when they register for the platform or other services via Facebook Connect. Arriving in 2007, Facebook Ads have enabled Facebook, whose use is free for the user, to generate most of its turnover.

Facebook Messenger

Sensing the rise of instant messaging, Facebook launched its own service, Facebook Messenger in 2011. Messenger, which has more than 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, really took off in terms of usage when Facebook decided, in July 2015, to systematically redirect the consultation of messages on mobile phones to the Messenger application. The application has also become accessible to users without a Facebook account They can register with their phone number

Messenger’s contacts are the same as Facebook’s and users can find them through their address book. Simply register your phone number on the application. Please note that this number remains invisible to other users, it is considered as personal information.

Facebook taxation

Facebook is, like most Gafa’s, regularly criticized for its fiscal policy. France is no exception. 1.9 million in 2017 for a declared turnover of 55.9 million euros An amount greatly reduced by the strategy of billing certain services (marketing, R&D) from Ireland where the tax system is more advantageous. Experts estimate that Facebook should have paid a tax of 100 million euros for this exercise instead. In 2018, things are going to change, as Facebook’s Southern Europe General Manager Laurent Solly explains. From the year 2018, Facebook revenues invested by companies in the territory and accompanied by our teams will be declared in the country, he promised to the microphone of France Inter. This change will affect some 30 countries between 2018 and the first half of 2019. We are convinced that the move to a local buy-sell structure will bring more transparency,” the group’s CFO said in a blog post  

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