Facebook Uncertain About Possible Dismantling of the GAFAM

Dismantling Facebook, moderation, the future of social networks… A few hours ago The Verge website published an audio recording from a private internal meeting at Mark Zuckerberg’s company, in which the company’s CEO expresses his opinions in no uncertain terms.

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The discussion should have remained private. Yet a few hours ago, the American media outlet The Verge unveiled an intriguing audio recording of Mark Zuckerberg in the presence of his employees. Probably the result of a question-and-answer session organized by the Facebook boss with his employees, the recording of more than two hours reveals numerous positions taken by the businessman, notably on the subject of a possible dismantling of the GAFAM, a subject often raised by American political figures, notably Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. “The dismantling of Facebook, Google or Amazon will not really solve the problems (…) and will not reduce the risks of electoral interference,” Zuckerberg told his employees, before reassuring his troops: “I bet we’ll win. Does it suck? Yes. I don’t want to have to sue my own government. (…) But if someone threatens your existence, you send them down.”

Regarding the moderation of its platforms, once again Facebook’s boss seemed – internally at least, quite confident. Remember a few months ago several social network moderators confided that the sometimes very violent content they were confronted with on a daily basis was endangering their mental health A situation that the Facebook boss considers largely overestimated: “I think some of the articles are a little too dramatic. (…) Most of these people don’t watch horrible content all day long. But they still have to deal with very difficult things and it is very important that they get the advice, space, breaks and psychological support they need”.

Finally, on the future of technology and social networks Mark Zuckerberg also talked about the launch of Libra, his new home-made cryptomony, as well as the human-machine interface projects that are currently driving his company since the takeover of the start-up CTRL-Labs. Once again, the Facebook boss was particularly reassuring, explaining that, unlike Elon Musk and his Neuralink projects, he intended to focus exclusively on non-invasive technologies: “You thought the launch of Libra was complicated, imagine the headlines “Facebook goes into brain surgery”. I’d rather not think about the congressional hearings on this. (…) What we hope to do is just pick up a few signals. For example, it will be possible to click with your brain while looking at something in augmented reality… It’s exciting… It will be possible to write with your brain without using your hands or eyes”.

The complete audio recording of Mark Zuckerberg can be found on The Verge website.




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