Facebook: the Fake Good Buy Scam Lidl is Back

Lidl fake voucher scams are back on Facebook

The Lidl fake voucher scam is making a comeback on Facebook: coupons offering a 50 euro credit that can be used in all stores until 31 October are actually a fraudulent operation aimed at stealing your personal data. These vouchers first appeared during the summer.

Lidl fake voucher scams are back on Facebook

Facebook users report the resurgence of a malicious campaign on the social network. Pirates share fake Lidl vouchers worth €50 in exchange for answers to a questionnaire. The fake coupons are rather credible, except for a spelling mistake and a somewhat shaky wording (“bar codes” instead of “barcodes”, “see coupon policy”, and the absence of mention of the year 2019). They are marked “For use in all stores” with a “validity” until 31 October and a barcode.

Facebook: 50 € vouchers at Lidl are a scam

The goal of the hackers is in fact to make you click on the link to the questionnaire (which points to the site lidl.anniversaire-coupon.com which is not affiliated to Lidl) in order to extract personal data and money from you via a call to a premium rate number. Lidl confirms that these coupons are in no way valid:“It’s a scam, we never give out coupons online, and this type of usurpation is unfortunately frequent”, explains the brand quoted by the Voix du Nord.

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The Lidl fake voucher scam had already surfaced in June. The brand then said “sorry for these fraudulent actions” and called on Internet users to be extremely vigilant with regard to thesecoupons “which may seem very realistic”. Since then, Lidl has regularly been forced to intervene to confirm that no such operations are underway.

Source : The Voice of the North





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