Facebook Keeps All Your History, but Here’s How to Delete It

You may not know it yet, but Facebook keeps your entire social network search history. Even if, according to Facebook, you can only access it yourself, you may want to delete it. So that’s the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for a specific page or want to check out a friend’s profile, Facebook records all the searches you can perform on thesocial network Search Engine Normally, if you have properly configured your account security settings, this data is not accessible by all your friends. But still, we’re getting tired of Facebook remembering everything we do. So it would seem that there is a method to delete this famous history.

First of all, from your profile, go to your personal history by clicking on the button with this mention at the bottom right of your cover. Once in your history, on the right column, click on Plus as on the image on the right below. Then appear a tab list, and click on Search, the last one in the list as on the left picture.


 Once on this page Search of your personal history, you just have to click on Deletesearches in the top right corner, then confirm.

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