Ezra Miller Appears To Choke Female Fan In Disturbing Video From Iceland Event

The Justice League and the Fantastic Beasts and the question of where their star Ezra Miller is located are at the centre of a disturbing new dispute. A video was broadcast in which Miller would attack a female boss in a seaside resort in Iceland (Prikina). The video (which had not yet been viewed by law enforcement at the time of writing) was posted on Twitter by users claiming to be witnesses at the crime scene and/or partners of the woman attacked. The story has been picked up by FréttabladidComic ook.com, an Icelandic branch of FréttabladidComic ook.com, but has not yet received a response from the team of Ezra Miller.

Below is a video of the alleged attack on Ezra Miller in Iceland. Look out! Look out! This can be very disturbing for some viewers:

Ezra Miller… WTF Picture.twitter.com/XRyPmehfRc

– Varu ✵ (@hiddlesspidey) 6. April 2020.

Since many of you are confused about what’s happening here – pic.twitter.com/Qzv7Xsykhz

– Varu ✵ (@hiddlesspidey) 6. April 2020.

The video is undoubtedly disturbing, but raises many questions. First of all, the timeline of the video is suspicious; given that the world is now blocked by the coronavirus pandemic, it seems strange to see people hanging around in a public bar without worrying about social distance. Other viewers pointed out that it looked like Miller was doing some kind of gambling routine with a fan who might have been blown away, while the person who posted the video insisted it wasn’t playful at all. We haven’t heard from the two people directly involved in this incident.

Jeffrey T., co-owner of Prikin Resort. Huntingdon-Williams made the following statement to Frettabladid (translated from Icelandic)

Unfortunately, we do not want to specifically address this incident if it is not taken into account. We in Prikine declare that we condemn all forms of violence and all its manifestations.

For Ezra Miller, this is a dangerous time for such a scandal. The actor was about to start filming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find 3 for Warner Bros., followed by another big blockbuster for the studio – DC’s The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti from IT. As both projects are now inevitably delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, there is enough time to contain and deter this argument. Ezra Miller doesn’t have to be at the top of one of the LGBTQ+ icons in Hollywood. Twitter trolls already enjoy breaking the concept in their own way.

We’ll keep you posted on this story.

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