EXCLUSIVE: Native Bolivia Ready to visit Battle Versus Fascism

The aboriginal individuals of Altiplano (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

Andre Vltchek
21 st Century Cable


Bolivia, December(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************** ), 3 weeks after the fascist successful stroke. It is devilishly chilly. My sidekick’s vehicle is meticulously browsing via the deep mud tracks. Massive snow-covered hill tops are plainly noticeable distant.

The Bolivian Altiplano; precious, yet constantly in some way aggressive, quiet, impervious.

A lot of times, in the past I resembled fatality right here. In Peru in addition to in Bolivia. Regularly in Peru.

Currently, what I do is completely crazy. Being an advocate of Head of state Evo Morales initially till this actual minute, I am not expected to be right here; in Bolivia, in the Altiplano. However I am, due to the fact that these mud huts left wing and also right, are so acquainted therefore dear to me.

My sidekick is a Bolivian farmer, a native male. His hands are red, harsh. He generally does not chat a lot, yet after the successful stroke, he can not quit talking. This is his nation; the nation that he likes and also which has actually been taken from him, from his better half and also from his kids.

We can both obtain screwed right here, yet if we do, that’s life; we understand the threat and also we more than happy to take it.

Carlos (not his actual name), my vehicle driver and also a good friend, clarified:

“I called them, the elders, and they said it is OK that you come. I sent them your essays. You know, people here now read, even in the deep villages. After 14 years of Evo’s government, the entire country is covered by the mobile phone network. They read your stuff translated into Spanish. They liked what they read. They agreed to give you a statement. But they said, ‘if he is not really a Russian-Chinese left-wing writer, but instead some Camacho crony, we will break his head with a stone.’”

Camacho; Luis Fernando Camacho, a participant of the fascist, U.S.-backed Revolutionary Nationalist Activity, and also the Chair of the Civic Board of Santa Cruz because2019 A significant foe of Evo Morales, a guy that throughout the 2019 Bolivian basic political election, agreed the West, with the treasonous Bolivian armed force (learnt the USA), and also required Evo’s resignation, on 5 November 2019.

I am great with what they state. We are going.

We increase, and after that, at about 4,100 meters over water level, we level up.

A brand-new, broad roadway is being created. Obviously, it is a task from the days of Evo’s presidency.

However it is not just the roadway structure that can be spotted all over us. There are water towers and also water pumps and also taps in every town. Water is complimentary, for all. There are institutions, clinical facilities in addition to sporting activity centers, and also meticulously went to areas.

The drive is long, hard. However at one factor, we see a couple of buses and also parking lot on the top of a hillside.

There is a tiny plateau, and also a huge white audio speaker being in the center of the area.

Individuals in vibrant clothing are spread all over the website: males, ladies and also kids. A team of seniors is seated in a shut circle. They are shouting, and also their charm is relayed via the audio speaker. They are resolving what is spiritual to them: Environment. They require stamina in order to take place, to battle, to protect themselves.

Deeply Rooted: Native individuals in Altiplano collect to talk with Environment (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

I am initially(******************************************************************************** )by the individuals, and also just after that enabled to come close to the seniors. I clarify that I am, and also quickly, the rules more than.

“Please record but do not film our faces, for security,” I am informed. “But later, you can film the gathering.”

Not Long After, I take a seat, and also they start to chat:

“The situation which we are living in these days in our country, in the communities up here, in the Andean communities is very difficult. In reality we feel frustrated, often abandoned because during the previous government led by President Evo Morales, we as farmers and indigenous people, felt very good. Even if, sometimes, we did not receive too much help, still, the government, the very President Evo Morales, is of our own blood, our own class. For that reason, we were supporting him. And we keep supporting him.”

“And this, what we have, now is a government – dictatorship. They say the contrary, but it is a fascist government. It is a government which is burning Wiphala, our symbol. It dishonors us. We feel humiliated, we feel discriminated against. For that reason, we realize that we cannot fail; we cannot stay here like this, we will continue fighting. There will be elections in our country, and we will continue supporting that one person who has elevated our name; the name of the native people, of workers, of working people, and of the poor.”

“First, we will go to the elections, if of course there are elections. We will go and support our people; our leaders. In case that they will produce electoral fraud, then yes, we will rise!”

Native seniors collect to go over the present state of events in their nation (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)(***** ).(** )I informed them that I have actually understood their nation, and also Altiplano, for greater than25 years. Whatever has actually transformed. The towns containing mud huts revived. They got up, started to grow.

Water for all started to go through the pipelines offered by the federal government. Modern rescues have actually been released, offering all edges of the country. University hospital opened their doors to countless trainees, therefore did institutions, and also occupation facilities. New roadways have actually been constructed. The federal government urged environmental farming.

Bolivia, for years and also centuries living under impressive discrimination has actually been made use of, degraded and also burglarized of whatever, yet recently has actually started climbing to its feet.

I informed them this. I informed them just how I made use of to find right here, repeatedly, in the 1990’s, from Peru; a nation ruined by the supposed “Dirty War” which I have actually defined in my story“Point of No Return” Peru was extremely damaged, yet right here, in Bolivia, individuals were half-alive. There was no hope, just quiet, frightening torment.

Evo’s tradition: incredibly modern-day mobile oral center giving wellness solutions to individuals (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

Currently Bolivia, when the poorest nation in South America, has actually been way in advance of Peru, a state which has actually been non-stop cannibalized by the neo-liberal financial design, while still racially and also socially separated to the extreme.

I asked the seniors, whether they concurred. They did.

“Certainly. Because with our own eyes we have seen enormous economic changes and we have witnessed how Bolivia rose and after those 14 years, got ahead of this entire Latin American region.”

I shot, photographed.

Prior to we left, a senior lady came close to the vehicle, and also yelled something in a regional language.

Carlos equated:

“We will all fight those evil beings who declared themselves our rulers. If they don’t disappear, soon again we will close the roads between El Alto and La Paz, and they will have to eat their own excrement. Our people will never again be defeated. Say this wherever you go!”

I claimed that I will.

Actual openness: Bolivia’s head of state releases his federal government’s economic account on signboards (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

In1971, the fantastic Uruguayan author, reporter and also poet, Eduardo Galeano, released his publication Open up Capillaries of Latin America, which quickly ended up being one of the most crucial tome for the Latin American left-wing thinkers and also revolutionaries.

Inside guide, which was routinely prohibited throughout the continent, Galeano had actually covered those 500 years of impressive plunder, deception and also ruthlessness, dedicated by the Europeans and also the North Americans versus individuals of South and also Central America. Several of one of the most dreadful criminal offenses were dedicated on the region which is currently Bolivia, especially in the silver mines of the city of Potosi, which aided to make Europe abundant, yet whose 10s of countless individuals passed away, while required to live and also function as servants.

Not long prior to he died, I dealt with Eduardo Galeano in his coffee shop, in the old city of Montevideo.

It was throughout the spirituous days of the “Pink Revolutions” wave. We were commemorating our triumphes, sharing wish for the future.

However at one factor, Eduardo stopped briefly, and also claimed, just:

“You know, all of our comrades who are holding power now have to be very careful. They have to understand that the poor people who voted them in, or who supported them when they were taking power, have only one thing left in their life, and that is hope. You take away their hope, and they are left with nothing. Robbing them of hope is like killing them. That is why, whenever I encounter our left-wing leaders, and I do it very often, I always tell them: ‘Comrades, careful, Do not play with hope! Never promise to people what you cannot deliver.  Always keep your word.”

Juan Evo Morales Ayma, the initial Bolivian aboriginal head of state, comprehended Galeano and also his job flawlessly well. He and also his Activity for Socialism (MAS), never ever betrayed the count on of the bad individuals. That is why he was never ever forgiven by the West, and also by several people originating from the treasonous Bolivian elites and also the armed force.

Farming household in Altiplano proceed having a hard time in the middle of extreme problems (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

(** )After my conference with the aboriginal leaders, I asked Carlos to drive us around Altiplano, with no certain strategy. I intended to speak to individuals; to the poorest of the bad of Bolivia.

At one factor, we reached a small community. A pet dog with a busted leg invited us with loud yet harmless barking. There were 2 lamb near the entryway to your house. A senior farmer, his blind better half and also a little girl were operating in the area.

They were not worried to talk, also to be tape-recorded and also photographed, as long as I guaranteed not to expose their names.

The farmer had fifty percent of his teeth missing out on, and also he was leaning to one side, yet his ideas and also words were clear:

“Thanks to Evo for everything. There is his work, and it speaks for itself; that road, infrastructure. Even this little house that we have is because of him.”

“Here we don’t want that so-called President Añez. She wants to mislead us, she lies to us. We are with MAS; all of us up here are strongly supporting MAS. We are supporting our brother Evo. We have always been suffering here, but Evo came with excellent projects… but now all progress will stop.”

The little girl is maybe 14 years of ages. She is an item of Evo’s federal government. Nicely clothed, with wonderful glasses, she talks with complete confidence. Her words are well developed:

“Those coup leaders have no pity on us. They have been shooting at us, beating us, gassing us. They have been violating our women. Lately, our mothers, our fathers suffered tremendously in La Paz. People were injured, people died, and the military and the coup leaders have no mercy. We don’t want to be slaves, like before. After the coup, the new government said terrible things about our president; things that we don’t like at all. We don’t want to be slaves, nor to be dammed by that new lady-president and by her people. She is a racist. The truth is that she is too racist. They call us ‘Indios’, and say things about us that make us furious. They are discriminating against us in all possible ways.”

“But you don’t lose hope?” I asked.

“I don’t,” she grinned. “I am with MAS. And MAS is going to be victorious. We will defeat those who are behind the coup.”

We left, heading in the direction of the highway.

“One more stop,” I asked Carlos.

We drove, arbitrarily, in the direction of a partly harmed residence.

“What happened here?” I asked.

The member of the family talked over each various other:

“In November, Camacho sent here several buses full of his supporters, from Potosi. They arrived, and began beating us up, insulting us, killing our animals and destroying our houses. They forced us to our knees, tying our hands behind our backs. They called us the most insulting names. They humiliated us. They said that it is over, that now we will know again where we belong.”

I asked Carlos whether he had actually listened to these tales prior to. He responded, without reasoning:

“Of course. You can ask anyone up here, and they will confirm what you just heard.”

Prior to coming down to La Paz, in El Alto, I asked Carlos to quit at a number of areas, where in November, loads of individuals passed away, obstructing the resources as the demonstration versus the successful stroke, and also versus compeling Evo Morales right into expatriation.

The bullet openings that harmed the wall surfaces were still noticeable, and also they were plainly noted. There were blossoms there, where individuals had actually dropped. Quickly, with any luck soon, there will certainly be monoliths.

The graffiti throughout El Alto, talked plainly and also noisally:

“Añez, we will finish you off – you coup-maker!”, “Añez – dictator!” and also “Añez – killer!”

Bullet openings are noted ahead aboriginal lady and also her little girl waiting to go across the roadway in El Alto (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

(**** )Out of favor US-backed creature: Anti-Añez graffiti can be seen in cities and also community (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

(************* )
Fruit vendors in La Paz (Image: Andre Vltchek2019 © )(***** ).(** )Simply half a year back, I experienced fantastic carnivals in El Alto. I shot vibrant processions, individuals dance, fireworks. I appreciated the brand-new public areas, super-modern wire automobiles, public pool in addition to the play grounds created for kids.

Currently, the city seemed like a burial ground. It was spooky, quiet, bleak.

The huge Mount Illimani, the icon of this old land, was covered by snow. It was stunning currently, yet it is constantly sensational, in excellent times in addition to throughout the catastrophes. La Paz, being in a significant crater, was plainly noticeable from above.

Holy Mount Illimani observing, and also waiting (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

“The Yankees coming,” claimed Carlos.(*************************************************

(************************************************** )I said, sardonically.

Carlos was silent for a long time. After that he made a decision to talk:

“When I was young, I was in the military myself. In Cochabamba, you know, during the water crises, and popular rebellion aimed at making water free. I never told you. Those were tough times. People stood up, and some died. Our unit consisted of mainly indigenous soldiers. The officers were white; almost all were. At one point, we let them know that we would not fire at our brothers and sisters. They shat their pants: captains, colonels; you should have seen them: they were running around, in barracks and outside, with no marks of their ranks. You know, at one point, if they were to have forced us to slaughter our people, we would have refused, and slaughtered them, instead.”

“They were trained in the West?” I asked.

“Many, yes.”

“And now Carlos? What about now?”

He started murmuring, although no person appeared to be about:

“I have two relatives in the army. I talked to one of them, a few days ago. It is the same as when I was serving in Cochabamba. The upper ranks are with the Yanquis, but the troops, most of them, are with MAS; they are with Evo. You see, if there is a mutiny, and there very well may be one, soon, then Añez, Camacho and their gringo friends will all soon be fucked!”

Authorities are based all over, ready, yet still really anxious (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)(***** ).(** )I mosted likely to the high-end resort Suites Camino Real in La Paz, for lunch. I needed to see “them”, the opposite side. Those that import charming beef from Santa Cruz district, those that eat it right here, those that are currently commemorating.

As well as commemorating they were.

Numerous events were occurring, concurrently. Individuals were leaping about, embracing each various other, screaming like crazy. All white, all “tall and beautiful”, all blonde, peroxide or actual. Red wine was moving.

A lot of the waitress were aboriginal, worn Western garments; hushed and also unsure.

I fulfilled a previous leading economic expert in Evo’s federal government, Ernesto Yañez, that at one factor acted as the vice-President of the Reserve bank of Bolivia. It was secure to fulfill right here. We discovered a rather edge where we might chat:

“I certainly call what happened here, a coup. There was no election fraud.”

“Without any doubt, Evo’s years in power were marked by great economic stability. Especially in the beginning, there were almost no economic problems. The poverty rate decreased from 55% to below 30%. Quality of life increased dramatically.”

“In relatively poor Bolivia, poverty rates are lower than in the richest country on the continent, Argentina, after the reign of the neo-liberal President Macri”, I might not aid yet point out.

“Yes, but after the coup, the economy here is collapsing,” Ernesto claimed.

Previous economic expert in the Morales federal government, Ernesto Yañez (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

Fifty percent a year back, I was right here, and also there were fierce strikes by physicians throughout Bolivia. A number of them were enlightened free of cost, by the state, yet afterwards, they were requiring a neo-liberal clinical system, in which physicians and also registered nurses would certainly obtain unrealistically high incomes. Several Cuban physicians have actually been released by the federal government, throughout the nation, in order to enhance healthcare.

Ernesto Yañez additionally made clear:

“During Evo’s government, millions of people moved from lower to middle class. Most of them were young. Which means, before the coup, and after 14 years of MAS rule, many young middle-class people had no idea what it is to live in misery. They took all the achievements of Evo and MAS for granted. Then, when certain hardships arrived, including the slowing down of the economy after 2014, they saw them as the failures of Evo’s government.”

“You know, for instance the doctors that you mentioned; they thought that if they brought down MAS, all their requests would be immediately fulfilled by the right-wing government. It never happened. Now they have no idea what to do.”

“The same as in Santa Cruz,” I concurred with him. “Fuel and utility prices are going up. Now the right-wingers will realize what it is to have their dream come true – a neo-liberal regime. They are getting wiped-out; desperate.”

Ernesto Yañez wrapped up:

“You, know, Evo made many Bolivian businessmen rich, too. The country and its economy were very stable, for years. Before he came to power, the big players were North Americans, Europeans and Chileans. During his mandate, Bolivian companies were given priority. Bolivian elites were always racist, for them, Evo was ‘un Indio mas’ (just another Indian). But they hid their feelings well. It is because Evo did things well. He changed this country for the better, almost for everybody.”

“But now, things have gone from bad to worse. The new president comes with the bible and cross, burns Wiphala, and people die. Now the Indigenous people want Evo back.”

As well as not just aboriginal individuals, although mostly all aboriginal individuals that I fulfilled this moment in Bolivia, do.

State of Emergency situation: Military still regulating roadways in La Paz (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)(***** ).

I strolled to Plaza Murillo in La Paz, where the Presidential Royal Residence and also the National Congress of Bolivia lie.

The cops and also armed forces were all over. Throughout Evo’s federal government, this was a silent, open room, filled with eco-friendly trees, kids and also pigeons.

Before the National Congress, a number of women worn stunning aboriginal garments, were celebration, talking with each various other. These were replacements from MAS.

I took out my cams and also approached them. Instantly, safety men in plainclothes started approaching me, yet both lady-deputies made safety motions with their arms, grinned at me, and also rejected the gatekeeper: “Leave him alone, he is with us.”

I recognized we had no time at all, and also I asked just one point: “Are we standing, comrades?”

They did not wait:

“We are standing. They will not defeat us. MAS is the legitimate government of Bolivia.”

MAS ladies MPs in La Paz (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

(** )Therefore, this is what I am reporting from the Plurinational Republic of Bolivia:

The nation is under fire from the USA and also its allies. It has actually been wounded by its treasonous staffs, both armed forces and also private. Blood has actually been splashed. The reputable head of state and also vice-president remain in expatriation. According to Reuters, “Bolivian minister seeks Israel help in fighting alleged leftist ‘terrorism.” Definition, the reputable federal government.

However the nation is standing. Individuals are out their knees. Initially there will certainly be a ballot, yet if there are any type of methods from Washington or from the Company of American States (OAS), there will certainly be a battle.

Evo Morales and also MAS won the current political elections. There is definitely no chance that MAS will certainly not win once again. I talked to individuals, and also currently, much more than in the past, they are shutting rankings around the Activity in the direction of Socialism that made Bolivia among the best countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The aboriginal individuals of Bolivia et cetera of South America are not beggars or servants. Long prior to the arrival of those ruthless spiritual diehards and also severely brought-up looters– the Spanish conquerors– they were the proprietors of this stunning land. Their world was a lot higher than that of their browbeaters.

Evo’s federal government did a lot more than simply enhancing the social scenario in his nation. He started turning around 500 years of harsh oppression on this continent. He enabled to the helpless. He returned satisfaction to individuals that had actually been burglarized of whatever.

Washington proves where it stands. In spite of its sanctimonious “political correctness”, it gets on the side of bigotry, manifest destiny and also fascist injustice. Rather than protecting flexibility, it suppresses flexibility. Rather than advertising freedom (which is “rule of the people”), it is raping freedom: right here in Bolivia, and also in other places.

Till Bolivia is complimentary once again, the whole freedom-loving globe must be swing the Wiphala.

The Wiphala flag can still be seen flying on some structures (Image: Andre Vltchek 2019 ©)

The seniors from the Altiplano sent out a clear message to the globe. Political elections will certainly occur, yet if individuals are burglarized of their federal government, there will certainly be an uprising and also an impressive fight.

Regretfully, if there is a fight, some individuals will certainly sign up with the Planet. However additionally, the Planet will certainly not remain still– it will certainly join her Individuals.

Añez along with her colonialist signs, is currently being cursed by the bulk of Bolivian individuals, therefore are Camacho and also a number of various other traitors. However maybe, practically, they are not “traitors”, nevertheless. Their loyalties are to those countries which had actually assaulted and also have actually been robbery this component of the globe, for a number of lengthy centuries.

After 500 years of being tortured and also degraded, the environment, Pachamama, is accepting her kids. Evo and also MAS brought them with each other. This is a significant minute in background. Individuals right here understand it. European, racist elites understand it. Washington is aware of it.

Now, there is a minute of silence; a quick one.

If the fascist successful stroke leaders do not support, there will certainly be substantial rumbling, and also individuals of Altiplano will certainly climb, Wiphala in hand, sustained by their old, spiritual Planet.

Writer Andre Vltchek is a theorist, author, filmmaker and also investigatory reporter. He has actually covered battles and also problems in loads of nations. 5 of his most recent publications are “China Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting Countries, Saving Millions of Lives”, “China with John B. Cobb, Jr., Revolutionary Positive Outlook, Western Nihilism, the cutting edge unique ” Aurora” and also a successful job of political non-fiction:“Exposing Lies Of The Empire” Sight his various other publications right here. See Rwanda Gambit, his cutting-edge docudrama regarding Rwanda and also DRCongo and also his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism” Vltchek currently lives in East Asia and also the Center East, and also remains to function around the globe. He can be gotten to via his web site and also his Twitter See his Patreon web page.

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