Everything you need to know about Robert Durst’s case

After a year-long investigation, the LAPD arrested Robert Durst on November 15, 2015. He had been accused of murder, but what exactly is the case, and what charges could he face?

The story of Robert Durst’s last days is a bizarre one to say the least. According to a new report, Durst confessed to the murder of his wife in a letter sent to a third party, which is then forwarded to the New York Police Department. He then also reportedly confessed this to his attorneys as well. There is a possibility that there is a good explanation to this, and it’s possible Durst is telling the truth.

What should you know about Robert Durst’s case?


Robert Durst, a millionaire real estate heir, is accused of murdering his closest friend to prevent her from implicating him in the disappearance of his wife. Today, Durst, the subject of HBO’s crime documentary “The Jinx,” will testify.

Everything you need to know about his case is below:

  • Kathleen McCormack, Durst’s first wife, disappeared in 1982 while on her way to medical school in New York. McCormack had informed her close family and acquaintances before she vanished that her husband had physically assaulted her throughout their marriage. Durst, on the other hand, testified in a lawsuit more than a decade later that he “put her on the train at Westchester to go into the city that evening” and never saw her again. Durst has never been arrested for her disappearance, despite a shadow of suspicion around her over the years.
  • The death of a friend: Durst had a lengthy friendship with Susan Berman, a mystery writer. Berman had authored books on her family’s mafia links and had experienced financial difficulties after assisting Durst with his Public Relations after his wife’s disappearance. Prosecutors allege that Durst paid Berman money in exchange for his covering up his wife’s disappearance. Investigators revived the investigation of Durst’s wife’s disappearance in 1982 in 2000, and wanted to talk with Berman about it in Los Angeles Berman was Red Dead in her living room only days before the meeting. Berman, on the other hand, was not found by police on their own. Berman’s address was included in an anonymous letter to police, along with the term “cadaver.” The writing on the card looked like Durst’s, according to a police handwriting study, but investigators didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him at the time. Durst was ultimately charged with Berman’s murder in 2015 and arrested as a result of evidence from an HBO documentary series. Durst’s lawyers acknowledged in 2019 that he was the author of the anonymous letter, but he maintained his innocence.
  • After the murders of McCormack and Berman in 2001, Durst claimed he was under investigation. As a result, the billionaire relocated to Galveston, Texas, on the Texas coast. Durst had gotten into a fight with his next-door neighbor, Morris Black, and confessed to shooting and murdering him in 2003. Despite the fact that prosecution said Durst plotted Black’s murder in order to take his identity, defense lawyers claimed Black sneaked into Durst’s residence. Durst shot him inadvertently, according to the lawyers, as the two men fought over a pistol. Durst then testified that he became frightened and decided to dismember Black’s corpse and discard the parts. Durst spent nine months in jail on felony firearms charges arising from the Texas case after being cleared of murder for self-defense.
  • The effect of the film: Durst walked into the toilet after the last shot for HBO’s documentary series “The Jinx,” seemingly unaware that his microphone was still on. “There you have it. He replied, “You’ve been caught.” “He was right,” he said after rambling through a series of apparently unconnected statements. “I was mistaken.” “What the heck did I do?” he continued. Of course, I killed them all.” This was the third time Durst had inadvertently disclosed damning information while wearing a microphone, according to Susan Criss, a retired Texas District Court judge. Durst’s lawyer also claimed that his client’s arrest was timed to coincide with the HBO documentary’s conclusion. John Lewin, a cold-case expert, questioned Durst about why he didn’t flee before the documentary aired, particularly when the filmmakers presented him with damning evidence. Durst answered, “I suppose inertia.” “I simply didn’t believe (I) was going to get arrested,” she said.
  • Evidence from recent times: Nick (Nathan) Durst was the best man at Chavin’s wedding, he said the court during the pretrial hearing for Berman’s case in 2017. Berman confirmed to Chavin that Durst murdered his wife, according to Chavin. He also told the court that Durst admitted to killing Berman in 2014 to keep her quiet. Furthermore, Hollywood producer Lynda Obst, a friend of Berman’s, said that Berman informed her that she had played a part in the cover-up of Durst’s wife’s disappearance. According to Lewin, after Durst’s wife went missing in 1982, a school administrator got a call from a lady claiming to be McCormack. The caller said that she was ill and would not be able to make it that day. Susan Berman admitted to making the call, according to Lewin.

Robert Durst is a case that has puzzled the public since the 1990s. He was a high profile real estate heir, who was accused of killing two people in New Orleans in 1982, and another person in LOS ANGELES in 2003. He was acquitted of the 1982 murder, but convicted of the 2003 murder, which was the subject of the HBO documentary “The Jinx”.. Read more about robert durst health and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of Robert Durst?

Robert Durst is currently in jail for the murder of Susan Berman.

Who is Robert Durst accused of murdering?

Robert Durst was accused of murdering his wife Kathie Durst.

Is the lost wife of Robert Durst a true story?

The lost wife of Robert Durst is a true story.

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